No True Problem With Racism Against Blacks Today

How Race Wars Get Started

This is how race wars get started:

Narcissistic Sociopaths in one race decide they are superior to another race. They degrade the other race, demonize the other race and make rules for the other race that their own race does not have to follow.

The Narcissistic Sociopaths self-segregate themselves from that other race, due to disgust with the other race, hate, and an over-all need to keep their own race "racially-pure."

The Narcissistic Sociopaths will even live off of the work, the labor of people in that other race and feel they have a right to do such. This is because they feel the other race is despicable and not worthy of fair treatment. They will steal from that other race and physically harm many of them, with no remorse, because the other race has been dehumanized in their minds.

The Narcissistic Sociopaths will even accomplish gaining people from the other race over to their side. The weaker people in the other race go over to the side of the Narcissistic Sociopaths out of fear and a need to feel safe from any harm coming to them. (It's the bully syndrome.) --Such people sell their own race out.

Eventually the abused race gets angry. Some of them come to a point of mocking the aggressive race in private. And oh, if it gets found out, they will have hell to pay! Then eventually they come out of hiding and fight back!

Yes, I can see how race wars begin.




Some people would like us to believe there is a major problem with racism against blacks in America today. It is an insult to those blacks who truly suffered true racism in this country to claim that it still exists today. And the false claim just further divides us all. 

Blacks can go into any restaurant and get served.
Blacks can drink out of the same water fountains.
Blacks can live in any neighborhood that Blacks can afford to live in. 
Black children can go to the same schools as whites in their school districts.
Blacks can shop at any store.
Blacks can sit where Blacks want.
Blacks can do anything whites can do.
Blacks can be anything whites can be.
Blacks can be judges, lawyers, teachers, congressmen/women.
Blacks can be business owners, top executives, entertainers, sports players.
Blacks can grow up to the be the president of the United States of America.

Sadly, blacks are allowed things that whites are not allowed in this country. Take a look.

Blacks can get a job ahead of a whilte person, simply due to being black because of Affirmative Action.
Blacks have universities and financial assistance just for their race.
Blacks have entertainment, literature, and history books just for their race alone.
Blacks can freely use racist words towards people and not be called out for such.

Living in New York I grew up with both black and white friends. The only problem we ever had was when the TV told black kids that blacks had a problem with whites, then trouble would start. Our country does NOT have an actual problem (overall) with racism against black people today. Sadly, if anything, the racism today in our country, on a whole is against whites. Read the following.

Affirmative Action -- Black Universities -- Black Scholarships -- Black funding -- Black Entertainment Television* -- Ebony Magazine* -- Black Miss USA* -- Trying white cops in the streets -- Calling a cop racist, because he is white -- Down-playing black on white crime -- We even had a man in the White House publicly defended blacks, just because Blacks are black, without knowing enough details of the situations.

*I would be cool with celebrating the races, if every race could do such.

What's truly harming the black race in America today and allowed by our government: Abortion and Free handouts

If our government and the main stream media would just end the division and let us get along, it would be so much better.


 Debra J.M. Smith