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Naomi Judd -- Dead From Mental Illness???

The Claim

“Today we sisters experienced a tragedy. We lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness..." ---Wynonna and Ashley Judd

Not So Fast

A loving mother, Naomi had been a survivor of past abuse, and sadly her daughters caused her such stress by putting her through so much after they were full grown adults. At a time when Naomi should have been able to have some peace in her life, her daughters started in on her. This went on for decades.

I watched a video documentary of Naomi's situation. I also have her book, River of Time. Most recently, I watched the last live Judds television performance. As Naomi sang "Love Can Build A Bridge," with her daughter, it put me into tears. I could see the pain that Naomi was in, still trying to reach that daughter. If Naomi died due to mental illness, it was not her mental illness that killed her.

A loving mother can only take so much

The Six Part Documentary Videos:

The last performance:

Don't Let It Happen To You

Mothers don't let a grown kid of yours harm your mental health. Walk away. You could have been a great mother, trained up your child the way he/she should go and still have this outcome. The Lord never promises us that our kids will never stray from His or our teachings. They too have a sinful flesh. Be grateful that they cannot depart from any right way that they were trained up, that it will remain in them, and that they will never be content straying. And that kid might get on the right path and make things anew with you someday, a totally new relationship. It's okay to walk away, if you need to do that. The father of the prodigal son never chased his son. He let him go. Here's the thing (if you find yourself in this situation). Most likely your adult kid, though fully grown, really does not believe you will die from the stress of it all. Now Naomi's daughters are left to live with what they did to a mother who clearly could not take it. Here's something to think about. If Naomi's daughters really believed she was mentally ill and they're so mentally sound, then why didn't they lay off of her?

If you feel your life is in danger, self-induced or not self-induced, from the stress of problems with an adult kid, walk away!

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