Moving On Without Someone
It is well with my soul. 


Putting Myself Out There

My first piece written in this series, I spoke on how all families have troubles and that my family is no different. While I do not want to go into any personal details, because I just do not feel it is right of me to do so, I will share my turning point.

At close to sixty-two years old I had had my share of family troubles and was feeling it all closing in on me, from all directions. I had gotten to a point where the frustrations of it all caught up to me. The unfairness of it all, things said about me that are not true, accusations that were so broad that I could not even defend myself, blew my mind.

Home alone, standing in my bathroom, doing my teeth, it all caught up with me. Odd as it was, I had actually just been laughing at my dog who I had just caught doing something funny. It was a welcomed laugh. So, what happened next came as a shock to me, seemingly out of nowhere. My body suddenly had a wave come over it, and it was like I could feel every nerve ending shutting down in my body. I lost strength and collapsed.

Without going into my personal health information, I will just say that apparently it took this to wake me up. And it was not as if I had not had other things happen. But this is what did it for me. Within days I decided it was time for me to move on and to accept things, loss that I had to put behind me. I also made a bold decision to finally put my health first and to finally really take care of me. I had been trying to take care of me for decades. But this was my turning point.  


Loss of someone we love is devastating. But not moving on once we realize that loss and know it is over, can cause us such physical harm. Our nervous system affects every system in our body. So, the question has to finally come to, do we want to live out our days with a physical condition that could have been prevented by moving on after a loss? I was really scared after what happened and what I learned about what my body had done truly ticked me off, that I had let it go this far. I felt it very strong on me that the Lord was asking me if I was finally going to go forward with Him and trust Him. My answer was, yes.

The Future

I have not a clue as to what the future holds. And that's okay. God knows. And He will let me know what I need to know, when I need to know it. And He will hold me when I need held and strengthen me and use all that has happened to make me better in Him. He brings good out of everything. It is well with my soul




 Debra J.M. Smith