Democrats, Liberals, And Thieves, Oh My!
It's about the economy, STUPID!

They don't wear masks. They don't hide in the dark. They are out, loud, and very proud of their mission to get some of what you have earned and they have not.

It is bad enough that working Americans have been forced into social programs, by a taxation system that rips workers off and then forces them to jump through hoops to get some of it back. And I say, if you put into the system, by golly, you get anything back that you can, if and when you need it. But it is a royal slap in the face to all who have worked and put into the system, to see people who have not paid into it, taking from it.

No, we should not have socialism in this country. But we do. That is just the fact of it. But what we don't have in this country is a balance. We don't have a balance that protects the system. 

We don't have a balance that says; only those who put into the system can get out of the system. As a result, the socialism in this country doubles as a government-enforced modern-day slavery. Our government says to the American worker, "If you want to earn money in America, you will also work and give the fruits of your labor to the government that will then hand much of it over to the slave masters." The slaver masters are those people sitting home and collecting anything they can get from the government. They are the people who have never paid a dime into the system. They are thieves. But they are also voters. 

And because they are voters, they will continue to vote the democrats and other liberals into government offices and snap their whips in order to get what they want from a government that has gone so bad, it will take an act of God to wake it up
. Until if and when that day comes, the working American will continue to see his taxes go up, and the American economy plummet.     

Debra J.M. Smith 11-16-12


 Debra J.M. Smith