I Pledge Allegiance To My Friends of The United States of America,
                                                            and to myself for which I hope they stand.

                                                                                Self Worship

People in office today have a greater allegiance to friends, than they do to their country. And how is it that such people get into office? They get into office because so many Americans vote on the same grounds that their allegiances are, to their friends first.

Too many people care more about what others think of them, than what is good for our country on a whole. Everything is too often about the individual, and who will like him. So, he pays his allegiance to individuals, in hope that those individuals will return and pay allegiance back to him.

This is nothing short of self-worship.

We need people in office who care for what is good for our country, not that which will make them most popular with their friends, neighbors, and family members. We need true statesmen. President Reagan was a true statesman.

If our friends, neighbors, or family members are doing something that is bad for our nation, then we should not be standing by them. And we should not vote for those who will further our friends' causes, when our friends' causes are not good for our nation. It is that simple.

We need to get back to being the home of the brave, not the home of the cowards. If we cannot even deal with someone close to us being upset with us, how on earth can we deal with entire nations being against us? And how can we ever be true patriots?

Perhaps self-worship is the true cause behind the free-fall that America has been on. Call someone a bigot, intolerant, hater monger, etc, and the person will most likely seek to prove you wrong by changing his stand, even if his stand is a correct one. Why? Because the person needs to be liked and seen as right, more than he needs that which is truly right to prevail.

Self-worship ---- It was the original sin, when Satan told Eve that she would be as God if she ate of the fruit of the forbidden tree.

İ Copyright 2007 Debra J.M. Smith

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İ Debra J.M. Smith