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Bush Daugthers' Letter To Obama's Daughters
Just A Game That We Are All Paying For -
Barbara and Jenna Bush Write Public Letter To Sasha and Milia Obama
Debra J.M. Smith - Jan. 23, 2009


Some may view a letter sent by the Bush daughters to the Obama daughters as a positive thing, a good thing. Posted in the Wall Street Journal (click here), it sure seems innocent enough at first glance. But yours truly has a problem with it. And the problem began with it having been posted for everyone to read. From there it went onto it having read like an 1800's grand novel of royal splendor, then wound up with a bizarre crossing of the political isle.    

Jenna and Barbara Bush

With so many of us struggling to make ends meet, it seems rather odd that any of us would take some sort of pleasure in reading about the lifestyles of the rich and famous who live off of money made by taxing us to eat, dress, and basically exist. Yet that is exactly what so many of us do.

It always seemed so silly to me that nations ruled by kings and queens did not rebel. How odd that so many people would allow monarchies to take their money so that the royal families could live high-on-the-hill. America is supposed to be so much more educated than to fall for such a thing. Yet, here we are, having exactly what our founding fathers did not want, royalty over the commoners.     

Our constitution calls us a government of the people, by the people, for the people. But we now have a government that is of the royalty, by the royalty, for the royalty. And we are all footing the bill! According to the Bush daughters' letter the royal families take turns living the royal lives here in America. The letter that tells all about the wonders of living in the White House says that it is now the Obama daughter's "turn to fill the White House with laughter." This came after letting the Obama girls know all about the good life in the White House; this was right before the Bush girls deemed the Obama girls' daddy to be just as much "a man of great integrity and love" as their own daddy.        

I am not saying that we should get in Obama’s daughters' faces and tell them that their daddy may very well be the anti-Christ, but for the Bush daughters to speak of Obama as being a man of great integrity and love, such tells me that there is a huge game going on in Washington. And the reality of that game hit me in the head like a brick.     

This was not a little nicety from one set of daughters to another. If that were the case, the letter would have been kept private. This was a letter to further the Obama agenda on this nation, and the Bush daughters wrote it. Something is very wrong here. Fact is, Obama ripped at the Bush daughters' daddy throughout the campaign and is still taking cheap shots at him. There is no reason on earth that those two should be singing Obama's praises to anyone. They could have just written a private, "best wishes to you" letter to the Obama girls, or better yet, they could have stayed silent.

Sasha and Milia Obama - Jonas Boys
The public letter speaks of the Obama girls having
found the Jonas Boys in a White House closet:
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It is no secret to my readers that unlike liberals, I do not go after children. When asked to say something good about Obama, I have said, "Obama has sweet daughters." If the Obama girls needed a smile and I was near, I would give them a smile and kind words. I would not, however, lie to them about their father and say good things about him that are simply not true. For the Bush daughters to say that Obama is a man of great integrity and love is just over the line. Not only is it a slap in the face to their own father, that they would compare the two men in such a way, but it also makes Obama sound like a great man. We do not need the daughters of who was supposed to be a conservative president, encouraging people to trust a president who is so far to the left that he makes the Clintons look like political kittens.

When Bush first got into office I was thrilled with him, singing his praises and telling off anyone who bad-talked the man. 9/11 happened and I was so glad that we had a man who would go after those responsible. Though I thought it was quite odd that he would pair up his father with Bill Clinton to work on the 9/11 project, I still felt very happy with Bush at that point. My first major disappointment came when Bush gave respect to Islam in a post 9/11 speech, but I chalked it up to the stress that he must have been under, and that he clearly miss-spoke. A year or so later his Secretary of State, Rice, in a statement concerning the flushing of the Koran, said, "America will not tolerate the desecration of the Koran." I chalked it up to the fact that technically, Bush did not say it. A year or so into Bush's second term, while speaking on the illegal immigrants issue, Bush made a snide remark about the far right conservatives not being happy with him on how he was handling that issue, which really ticked me off. However, time sure can be a healer, and eventually I got over that as well.     

About midway through Bush's second term, Ramos and Compean, two border patrol agents, were wrongly imprisoned for doing their job. I never did and to this day still do not understand why Bush did not come to their defense right away. Instead he waited till his last day in office to pardon these two men who had been badly abused in prison by other inmates. It seemed that I pretty much slid everything under the rug with Bush because, no matter what, he kept us safe. Or did he?        

I have said and will say it again, that Bush was the better of the two choices with each election that he won. I fully agree with the need to go into Afghanistan and into Iraq, as well. But was Bush really who kept us safe? Or was it the men and women of our armed forces. I dare say it was the latter.    

We now have a Marxist in office and the Bush daughter’s publicly singing his praises. Some may recall McCain singing Obama's praises before and after the election. Some of us were fooled by McCain, believing that he was making a real run for office and coming up with excuses for such mess-ups. Both parties are playing on our dime. We are paying the bills for these two parties to play Washington politics. Even their ministers are party to the game. Kirbyjon Caldwell, the minister that performed Jenna's wedding ceremony to Henry Hager supported and voted for Obama.                            

Jenna and Henry with Kirbyjon Caldwell -
Caldwell went on record as having supported Obama:
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© Debra J.M. Smith