A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Dr. Phil's Porn Daughter in-law -- Censored

Debra J.M. Smith December 26, 2006


Jay (Dr. Phil's son), Erica (wife to Jay), Robin (Dr. Phil's wife), Dr. Phil,
Grandma (Dr. Phil's mother) & Jordon (other son) - Dr.Phil.com

Jay and Erica
married August of 2006


"Bestselling author and Dr. Phil's son Jay McGraw married actress and Playboy model
Erica Dahm on Saturday, PEOPLE has confirmed exclusively."

Dr. Phil was best man.
And says his and Robin's lives are now happy

because their son found true love.

Erica and sisters
(The Dahm Triplets)

"Each of the blonde-haired sisters has had breast implant surgery to augment her appearance.
They tried out for Playboy's 'Girls of the Big Ten' issue on the suggestion of their father." --wikipedia.org

First Triplet Playboy model centerfolds

"We grew up in the small town of Jordan, Minnesota, but we had big ambitions.
Our parents always wanted us to be happy and to reach for our dreams, and thanks to them we did.
We couldn't have done this without the closeness and support of our family" --playboy.com

Most everyone knows that Dr. Phil has a show on Television where he gives advice.
The following are some of Dr. Phil's articles that are on his site.

1 Shows - A Predator in the House?
The FBI estimates that there is one child molester per square mile in the United States. Could that predator be in your ...
2 Shows - Predator Sting
With the Internet right in your home, pedophiles have an easy way to make contact with your children. The only way to pr ...
3 Advice - Is Your Child Being Groomed by a Predator?
The FBI estimates that there is one child molester per square mile in the United States. Could that predator be in your ...
4 Advice - Protect Your Children From Internet Pedophiles
Steps to take to insure the safety of your children while they are using the Internet. ...
5 Shows - Child Predators
The Dr. Phil every parent should see. A convicted child molester talks to Dr. Phil from prison. Go inside the m ...
6 Advice - Sexual Predator Warning Signs
Be aware of the common characteristics of sexual predators. ...
7 Shows - 'Is My Son a Sexual Predator?'
Mikai, 19, denies accusations that he's had sex with young girls or molested his 4-year-old sister. The truth unfolds wh ...
8 Shows - The Lie Detector Tests, Part 1
Dr. Phil vowed to find out the truth behind accusations that Jeremy molested his 3-year-old daughter, Kaylee. Krista and ...
9 Shows - Runaway Dramas
Imagine your teen daughter running away to be with an older man she met online who got her pregnant. For Heidi, this bec ...

Dr. Phil has actually said on his show that a sign of a pedophile is that the person has a lot of porn.

Dr. Phil Gives Advice on Parenting Too:
The Five Factors for a Phenomenal Family:
Robin, Dr. Phil's wife, also gives out advice.
She wrote a book on her heart and does speeches.

I have a few questions to ask Robin:

Robin, why were you and your husband fine with your son bringing a perverted woman
who practices a form of incest with her two sisters, by posing sexually with them, into your family?

How do you feel about your future grandchildren being around the father of these three women?

How do you feel about these three women being around both of your sons' future children
and the one, the actual mother of some of those children?
Should Dr. Phil and Robin be giving anyone else advice or making out to be the know-it-alls in parenting?
Being the best man in his son's marriage to a porn star, says it all.
Debra J.M. Smith December 26, 2006

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