"In God We Trust"
Waking up America

Debra J.M. Smith June 07, 2007

An Open Letter To True Christians
People apparently need the ceiling to fall in on them before they take action, so we need to force a controlled cave-in. The anti-family agenda has been slowly implemented on America over many years. People have been conditioned to accept each step by the reasoning that the next step is not that much worse than the last step. It is evil rationalizing evil. We need to force the showing of the enemy's hand.
The Plan
 A - We must go on the offense.
   1 - Push for laws that protect us from everything from mind-invasion to home-invasion.
   2 - Push for laws that protect us from harm by people who want to silence us.
   3 - Boycott TV shows that have anti-family agendas.
   4 - Seek a tax credit for taxpayers who do not use public schools and or are funding types of schooling that are not public.

B - Vote people out of office who will not uphold the US Constitution.
   1 - Educate people on the US Constitution.
   2 - Realize that tax-exempt status is not worth compromising; God will provide our needs.
   3 - Name names of those in office or seeking office who are not complying with the US Constitution.

C - Call it what it is.

   1 - Call perverts, "perverts."
   2 - Call perversion, "perversion."

D - Speak boldly in pro-family terms and reclaim imagery and terminology which the perverted think they own.

   1 - Husband and wife purple matching jackets that say, "Husband and Wife".
   2 - Children's rainbow T-shirts with things like "I love my Mommy and Daddy" or "Mommy, Daddy and Me"
   3 - Signs and flags that say, for instance, "Proud to be an American family!" 
   4 - Put together "Family Parades" that promote true family values.
E - Put "In God We Trust" and American flags on various items.

   1 - letters
   2 - emails
   3 - envelopes
   4 - signs in our yards
   5 - flags
   6 - mail boxes
   7 - clothing
   8 - cars
What will the above accomplish? 
Those with the an anti-family agenda will get so bold in their attemtps to stop us, that even the sleepiest Americans will sit up and take notice. We need to force them to go after us for these things now, before any further conditioning of Americans takes place.
To Conclude
Let's stop the anti-family agenda in America before it becomes illegal to even try.

Copyright 2007 Debra J.M. Smith

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 Debra J.M. Smith