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Conservatives need to learn how to handle rough interviews.

If they are against the homosexual agenda, they need to boldly say so. If they are against abortion, they need to boldly say so. If they are pro America, pro the second amendment, pro the working class, they need to say so. If they are against able-bodied people living off of the system, they need to say so. If they are for privatizing Social Security, encouraging schooling choice, and promoting the smallest form of government in this country that is the family, they need to say these things boldly. --And the list could go....The bottom line is that they need to stand up for what they supposedly believe. And when liberal news people act all shocked and try to shame them, they need to tell those liberals that if they want a liberal, then vote for a liberal, but that they are conservatives.

Biblical Churches Be Careful - Liberal Churches No Need To -- Biblical Christian churches are always having to be careful not to get too political because of their tax-free status. This is while liberal "churches" like the Unitarian "churches" do whatever they want.

The United Universalist Association online site (
http://www.uua.org/) had a page that told how they go about getting what they want. The site boasted of an alliance having been formed with Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee, lawyers in the Roe VS Wade case. The site said the alliance enabled the two young lawyers to bring the case to the Supreme Court. [See quote below.]

“For example, support for the famous Roe v. Wade court case came out of a study group set up by the Women's Alliance in the First Unitarian Church of Dallas, TX. This group took over a year to study the issues concerning the availability of services for abortion. In the spring of 1970 the Roe v. Wade case was heard in Dallas, brought by attorneys Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington. Both were recent law school graduates. Members of the congregation met them at the Fifth Circuit Court hearing. A loving supportive alliance was formed that enabled these young lawyers to bring this case to the Supreme Court.” (Quote from UUA-March, 2003 Handbook Page 91)

The biblical Christian church needs to get smart and be clever as a serpent, as scripture instructs us to be. We are always hearing about the other part of that verse, on how gentle we are to be. But we are also called to be clever. We should start calling the fight against abortion "Social Justice," justice for the unborn. And we should call the fight against perversion, "Social Justice," justice for the innocent people with morals.

Also, we should do what the serpent is doing when it comes to donations, being a 501C3. And that would be in this case the ACLU. The ACLU actually has two organizations. One is a 501C3, while the other is not. This gives their donators tax write-offs when donations are made to the 501C3 organization, while giving the ACLU total free speech to get as political as they want to be in the other organization. Churches could have the running of the actual church NOT be a 501C3, while having their outreach (which would include their missionary work) be a 501C3. --Then the people in the churches could be educated on where to donate their money. IF they are able to file a schedule A on their taxes, they can donate to the 501C3. If not, they could donate to the running of the church. This would open up churches to have total free speech inside their churches. (Many people are not able to file a schedule A to begin with because they don't have enough write-offs to add up to more than the standard deduction, and as a result cannot write off their church donations.)

Do NOT Insult Michelle Obama's Big Butt -- And that's the truth! A main stream blog removed a comment of mine that implied Michelle Obama's rear is big. The site posted an article about a man who appeared to have compared Michelle Obama's face to an ape on The Planet Of The Apes. Though my one comment said I think she looks more like Pat Benatar, my other comment implied her rear to be the size of the female ape's rear. It was a joke, a silly.

But everything against the Obama's is viewed as racist on some blogs. Honestly, who are the racists, but those who see everything about blacks to be offensive towards blacks. Instead of seeing my comment as simply saying she has a big rear, which she does, it was seen as me saying she looks like an ape.

The site removed the comment and now some moron is following me around the site claiming that I compared Michelle Obama to an ape. 

The following leads to a picture of my Diqus account profile history and shows the terrible awful racist comment: Click Here  

How Race Wars Get Started -- This is how race wars get started:

Narcissistic Sociopaths in one race decide they are superior to another race. They degrade the other race, demonize the other race and make rules for the other race that their own race does not have to follow.

The Narcissistic Sociopaths self-segregate themselves from that other race, due to disgust with the other race, hate, and an over-all need to keep their own race "racially-pure."

The Narcissistic Sociopaths will even live off of the work, the labor of people in that other race and feel they have a right to do such. This is because they feel the other race is despicable and not worthy of fair treatment. They will steal from that other race and physically harm many of them, with no remorse, because the other race has been dehumanized in their minds.

The Narcissistic Sociopaths will even accomplish gaining people from the other race over to their side. The weaker people in the other race go over to the side of the Narcissistic Sociopaths out of fear and a need to feel safe from any harm coming to them. (It's the bully syndrome.) --Such people sell their own race out.

Eventually the abused race gets angry. Some of them come to a point of mocking the aggressive race in private. And oh, if it gets found out, they will have hell to pay! Then eventually they come out of hiding and fight back!

Yes, I can see how race wars begin.

MSNBC Melissa Harris-Perry at Cornell: Hopes Trayvon Martin 'whooped the shit out of George Zimmerman' - Video Click Here

And that, ladies and gentlemen is a racist! --Melissa Harris-Perry's judgement of the situation is based solely on skin color, on race. 

She does not know that Trayvon was fighting for his life because he was killed. That is saying that there is no such thing as killing in self-defense. Would she say such if Trayvon had killed George, that George was just trying to defend himself and that proof was that Trayvon killed George? Nonsense. Of course not. 

She's saying it is okay for a black to defend himself, but not for another race to do so.  How do we know that this woman is a racist? Because the evidence, the physical evidence proved that Trayvon attacked George and the attack proved that George had good cause to be concerned about the stranger wondering around outside at night on the apartment complex grounds. And it showed that George had good cause to believe he was going to die from having his head bashed into a sidewalk. 

She went off of skin color. She did not know Trayvon or anything else about him, other than that he was black. And she totally ignored the physical evidence and that George was found innocent and even the department of justice could not find cause against him. Yes, this black woman is a racist, as bad as any white racist out there. 

And Trayvon Martin does NOT represent the black race. He represents what's wrong in many families in this country, that many people are not raising their children right. It's not a skin color issue. It's an issue of the heart. And hearts are all the same color.

Another Business Owner About To Lose Everything Because She Turned Down A Homosexual "Wedding"

I have a hard time feeling sorry for this woman, because she still calls the homosexual who she turned down, "Friend." Yes, she says she still thinks the world of him. What's that!

Scripture asks what darkness has in common with light. The answer is nothing. The man is costing her everything she has, yet she foolishly still calls him her friend.

The story can be found here:
Click Here

People need to smarten up and just do the monsters' "weddings." --Business owners can speak up and say they are doing it in distress. They can say they are only doing it because the law says they have to, a type of disclaimer. But they need to just do the stupid events and know that God is very aware that they are being forced to do it by a tyrannical government.

Seriously, and then these homosexuals wonder why they are hated!

Obama Said, Extremists Have "Legitimate Grievances"

February 15, 2015 LA Times article by Obama said the following:

"Governments that deny human rights play into the hands of extremists who claim that violence is the only way to achieve change. Efforts to counter violent extremism will only succeed if citizens can address legitimate grievances through the democratic process and express themselves through strong civil societies. Those efforts must be matched by economic, educational and entrepreneurial development so people have hope for a life of dignity."

Does The 14th Amendment Support Homosexual Marriage:

Amendment 14 - Citizenship Rights (ratified July 9, 1868) All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law, which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

The 14th amendment says we are all due equal protection of the laws. It is not saying we can change meanings of words in order to get current laws to mean something else.

The U.S. Constitution is a contract, a legal contract. And a legal contract is a meeting of the minds. The meetings of the minds is what makes a contract legal. If there is no meeting of the minds, then a contract is not legal. This is why the U.S. Constitution is not a "living" document. It does not change with whatever someone can twist it to mean. It means what it meant to those whose minds met, back when it and each amendment were ratified. And with this would be the meanings of words, meanings that words had at the time of the ratifications.

So, no, the 14th amendment does not defend marriage outside of one man and one woman. But it does defend a person's right (a business owner's right) to turn someone down, to choose not to do business with someone. We have a right in this country to say "no" to that which goes against our faith beliefs. And any law that abridges us from our privileges or immunities is not to be enforced.

So if anything the 14th amendment protects Christians from that which goes against our faith, from us being forced (by way of a law) to participate in anything of the such.

NY Times Columnist ‘Fuming’ after Son Allegedly Stopped by Yale Cops at Gunpoint -- Here We Go Again

Okay, I get it. I really do get it. This is his son. I would be fuming too, if a child of mine was stopped at gunpoint by cops, mistaken for someone else. But can we please have some honesty here?

This man, Charles Blow said his third year Yale student son was accosted at gunpoint by a Yale policeman because his son fit the description of a suspect. He said his son was let go when the cops realized his son was a college student and not a criminal. Along with other comments, Charles Blow said on Twitter, "This is exactly why I have NO PATIENCE for ppl trying to convince me that the fear these young blk men feel isn't real."

First off this is not just a black thing. Whites have been mistakenly arrested at gunpoint too in this country. Secondly why doesn't this man get angry at the many blacks who do terrible things and make it hard on blacks? Does he really not realize that people do look very much alike to other races? Yes, there's going to be mistakes made like this. It doesn't make it racist.

And what about the fact that many people are scared of black men? How about how we feel, when we have to keep our car windows up and doors locked, when driving in the city, because of blacks killing people day and night in our cities? Let's talk fear!

Also for the record: I have no patience for people who wonder why cops fear black men. Let's be real and try some honesty!

Government Pensions Are NOT Taxed In New York State:

This is while others are.
New York & U.S. government employees do not pay NY State income tax on government pensions. The state did not want teachers paying state tax on theirs, so to be "fair" all government pensions are not taxed by NY. --Other New Yorkers have to pay the tax. Where is the equal protection?

Info source:
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New York State Governor Wants More Money For Education:

The New York Constitution states that the state legislature shall "provide for the maintenance and support of a system of free common schools, wherein all the children of this state may be educated." --No where does it say there shall be a blank check to do whatever the heck they want to do with our tax dollars. But that's what has happened. They are taking our tax money and flushing it down the toilet that we call "public schooling".

The state constitution does not say the state shall pay for breakfast, lunches, after school programs, sports, music, theater, clubs, political agendas, and all other fluff. It does not say that it will pay teachers ridiculously high wages for nine months of work and high nontaxable pensions. It does not say that public schools should be built like resorts, with swimming pools and tennis courts, etc. And it absolutely does NOT say that children MUST attend or that the state can govern over other types of education, like home schooling.

New York State's education "system" has run-a-muck. It is totally out of control. Putting more money into a system that is already broken is only continuing an irresponsible behavior by this state.

And teachers should get paid as per their ability to actually educate the students and get fired at anytime if they prove to no longer be able to do such. Schools are supposed to be for the children, not the teachers.

Abortion on demand says some people are not as important as others and are dispensable. Ignorance causes people to not realize a baby in the womb is a real life, a human being. A fetus is a developing young in the uterus, the unborn offspring in the post-embryonic stage, in humans from nine weeks after fertilization until birth. Slave owners justified killing black slaves by saying black slaves were not human. And it was actually LEGAL to kill the slaves. Killing babies is not a solution

Sexuality & Marriage (Straight Talk) - With all the talk about sexuality and marriage, it only seemed right that I have an article that takes on this topic. This is especially with all the distortion that goes on in the world about these two things: Click Here

Liberals Largely At Fault For Some Black Kids Going Bad

If any group is largely to blame for a black kid growing up to do something so terrible, as to attack a cop, it is the liberals.

Liberals tell black kids that they are victims of whites and of cops. And they drill it into the kids' heads, to the point that many of these kids end up filled with so much hate for whites and for cops.

When you mix this with the free handouts and telling these kids that they are entitled to that which other people earn, it is the perfect recipe for creating very bad young adults.

Liberals brainwash these kids, all so that they will grow up and vote for liberals. So if you want to place blame on someone other than the black perpetrators in these situations, put the blame on liberals for manipulating their minds during their formative years on this earth. --And start with liberal public schools.


Republicans Set To Run Three Unqualified People

Why are Republicans getting set to have three men run who are NOT "natural" born citizens? A natural born citizen is someone who was born here and whose parents were born here. THIS is why Obama did not qualify, even IF he was born in America, because his father was not born here. And yet three Republicans are getting set to run (one again) who do not qualify.

Mitt Romney and Bobby Jindal were both born here, yes. But Romney's father was born in Mexico, to parents who grew up there. And Jindal's parents were both born in India. And Ted Cruz was born in Canada. Now I realize his mother was born in the U.S., and this makes Ted Cruz an American. But I do not believe such makes him a "Natural Born Citizen," because he was not actually born here and his father was not born here. But could I vote for Ted Cruz? See the right of this page for that commentary.

And for those of you who DON'T agree with me on what natural born citizen means and believe that a person simply has to have been born here, ask yourselves how you feel about some illegal immigrant coming here and popping out a Mexican flag waving anchor baby and that child growing up to be president.

Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Rand Paul are the only two that look good to me. Don't even get me started on Jeb Bush!

Rick Perry Caves On Homosexual Marriage Issue  

When asked if he would attend a homosexual marriage he said he "probably would."


                               Homosexuality has become like the Mark Of The Beast.

I believe the Democratic Party is using the homosexual issue to win elections. If a Republican answers a question on homosexuality in a liberal minded way, that candidate loses some conservative votes. If he/she answers it in a conservative minded way, he/she loses some of the moderate votes.But the Democratic Party would prefer the Republican candidate answers any question on homosexuality in a very conservative manner. The reason being that the media eats such up and leaches onto that Republican candidate and never lets up on the topic. This causes a tremendous negative vibe for that Republican candidate and does not leave room for any other issue to be talked about by him/her.The only way the Republicans can counter it, is to get the topic onto the economy. Because if people cannot earn enough money to live, all the moral issues seem to take a back seat. And concerns about the economy crosses party lines. But once the homosexual topic has painted a conservative as a "hater" it is hard to get off of that topic and onto anything else.As a result many Republicans are going along with the homosexual agenda just enough to get the topic off of homosexuality and onto the economy.Basically, Perry tossed liberals the answer they wanted, so that he could get back onto the topic of the economy, which is what will inevitably be the real deciding factor in this up-coming election. But he had to take the homosexual "mark" in order to do this.

Homosexuality: Between Two Consenting Adults -- Really? Not!  

                                                    It is being forced on everyone.

Homosexuals have to bring all of us in on what they are doing. They need laws to say what they are doing is something other than what it really is. They teach children in public schools to accept it. They have manged to get large companies to force "sensitivity training" on employees, designed to threaten job loss without conformity. They harass business owners into doing business with them and actually being party to their homosexual events. Goodness, now they want to become a protected class! How is what they are doing just between two consenting adults, when school children, employees, and business owners are being forced on some level to go along with them?

Homosexuality And The Apocalyspe -- Ultimately homosexuality brings down any society. And it absolutely is a sign of the very end times that we are in today. Calling evil "good" and good "evil," is spoken of in the bible, that such would happen in the end times. As for the apocalypse, it is coming and is due to all sin, not just the sin of homosexuality.But I do feel that homosexuality is going to be a very prevalent sin that much of society embraces, leading up to and going through the tribulation period and up to the apocalypse, possibly second only to the rejection of Jesus Christ. And it is quite possible that it will have something to do with the antichrist and who knows, maybe even the true Mark Of The Beast.

An Interview with A Ferguson Protester 

Click Here to view the video.


I wish so badly that I could talk to this young man in Ferguson. Honestly, he looks like a nice guy who simply does not understand what the DOJ said about Brown's death. It seems that this is a communication problem. This young man, as with many people there truly believe Mike Brown was gunned down for no good reason.

This really makes me sad. I wish I could reach through this screen and hug that young man and speak to him in a manner in which he could understand.He was trying to tell Hannity that he does not understand what Hannity was saying. And this does not mean he is dumb, he simply doesn't understand and needs it explained in terms that he can understand.

This entire mess could be settled with one public speech from someone that they trust, telling them the truth in a manner that they can understand.I am not saying that because they are black, they cannot easily understand what is being said on the news. I am saying because they are not educated enough they cannot understand what is being said in the news. Most of them probably do not even watch the news. They are just listening to what is said on the streets. --So honestly, who can blame them for being upset, believing what they are believing?

I know, people are going to lash out at me for saying this, but it has nothing to do with the color of the skin. White, black, and brown uneducated people are not going to grasp what is being said on the news.And uneducated does NOT mean unintelligent. There are MANY very intelligent people in this world, who to no fault of their own are uneducated.

Sadly THIS is one of the main reasons the Democratic Party seeks to keep poor people on government handouts and living in cities with poor public schools. An uneducated people is easily lied to and manipulated. And right now, these protesters are playing right into the hands of the D.C. liberals.The D.C. liberals are going to use this in 2016 to anger the poorer people in this country from voting republican. --D.C. liberals don't care about these people. They are playing them like puppets

Grace Is Being Called Hyper Grace Today 

Click Here to read the latest.


"Hyper Grace?" --Well that's a new one. I wonder how Jesus would feel about Him saying "It is finished," now being called "Hyper Grace."

His Grace is sufficient. And yes, a true biblical born again believing Christian's sins, past, present, and future sins are all forgiven. It's a done deal. We are bought and paid for. We are no longer our own. He who keeps us will not slumber. We are sealed till the Day of Redemption. For it is God who works in each and every one of us to His will and pleasure.

The life of a believer is all about the work that God does in the believer. Yes, we make choices. But any good that we do is because of the work that God is doing in us. And the fact that we do not "practice" sin (make sinning a practice), is because we are new creations in Christ. --This is also all to God's glory.

Do we still repent of sins that we do? Yes. But there is only one repenting that us unto salvation. My daughters are my daughters, forever and always. Even if they forget to say "sorry" for something they do against me, they still remain my daughters.

Our obedience to God is all to His glory, not ours. It is all His doing in us, working inside of us. When we read the Word of God, it works in us like a surgeon's knife cutting out what is wrong. And when we do sin and say sorry to God, it is because He has shown us in His Word to repent and that our Father forgives us. But just as we like our own children to say "sorry" when wrong, and we don't hinge their place in the family on such, God does not either.

Some might wonder, well what's to stop a true Christian from sinning. Well, it is not what, but who. And that "who" is God, Himself. Not only does He work in us, He is also fully capable and most certainly does chasten His own. --Not punish, but those whom He loves, He chastens. Do not fret about this. All due to His Grace, we are His own. His Grace truly is sufficient.

When we became part of God's family, it was a done deal. It is finished. And Jesus is who finished it.

Obama: People Committed Terrible Deeds in the Name of Christ During Crusades
"Prayer" Breakfast 2015

Click Here to view the YouTube.


The middle ages crusades and inquisition were not done in the name of Christ. Nor were they done by true biblical Christians. These things were done by Roman Catholics, who during that time killed any true biblical Christian who they got their hands on.

2009 Nancy Pelosi On Obama Care Tax/Jail-Time Fairness

Click Here to view the YouTube.


"Do you think it's fair if somebody says, 'I'm just not going to have any and if I get sick then I'll just go to the emergency room and send the bill to you.'" --Nancy Pelosi responding Komo 4 News (ABC Seattle) Reporter Shomari Stone's question on if Pelosi thinks it is fair to send people to jail who do not get health insurance. Due to the tax that will result in jail-time for refusing to pay.

Lesbian Rachel Maddow Claims American Family Association
Fired Evangelist Bryan Fischer

Click Here to view the YouTube.


Here's how I see the following Brian Fischer issues:

1) He was not fired from AFA. He simply no longer holds the title of Director of Issues Analysis. But he does still host the radio show, Focal Point on American Family Radio. Hence, he was not fired. But he was pretty-much thrown under the bus though, something not uncommon to happen to people in the right-wing movement.

2) His comments about Hitler and homosexuals were not saying that the Holocaust did not happen. Nor were the comments saying that the Nazis did not exist. His comments were saying that he believes Hitler found homosexual men to do most of the killing of the Jews, that he believes Hitler found homosexual men to have no problem committing such terrible acts on humans. -- I have no comment on this, because though I realize some homosexuals are very cruel and that some of them are the worst bullies I've ever encountered, I have no idea Hitler used them in such a way.

3) When he speaks of the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution being for Christianity, he is simply meaning that was what our founding fathers were referring to with the first amendment. And that is what they were referring to, Christianity. However the U.S. Government and the Courts have clearly extended such to other faith beliefs. And I assume he realizes this and is not out to change our current situation of religious freedom for all religions.

4) Another thing I found online claims that he does not believe AIDS is contracted through sex, but rather only through drug use. I disagree with him on this.

5) And finally something else I found is that while he considers Mormonism to not be true Christianity, he has no problem with the biggest cult, Catholicism (he shares the latter, at least, in common with the president of AFA, which bugs me). --I believe neither is true Christianity.

Sarah Palin at the Iowa Freedom Summit 1/24/2015
Click Here to view the YouTube.


Sarah Palin spoke to people who love her and hang on her every word. She earned her pay that day. She did a great job. Unfortunately, that's really all it was, a job, a job she gets paid well for.

There was a day that I hung on her every word too. That day was before I learned of her supporting RINO politicians, like Mitt Romney. This was also when I realized that she had wrongly convinced many of us conservatives to trust John McCain. --I was not happy about this revelation.

Even people who do not like my views and beliefs, if they know me long enough, eventually come to know that I am consistent and do not waver for anyone.

Sarah Palin may talk a great talk and say all the "right" things on the issues, but when it comes down to it, she will support anyone who is not a Democrat. I have a problem with such blind support. If she is going to speak on the issues, then she should use those issues when it comes to choosing who she will support. An "R" or an "I" by a person's name should NOT be the deciding factor.

Bottom line, it does no good that Sarah Palin knows and can say all the "right" things on the issues that people on the right believe and want, if she is not going to truly stand for such "right" things when it comes to who she supports. Basically, she's all talk.

And on an extra note: I do not believe she is really going to run for office. I believe she is just using the election seasons to get more speech engagements and to sell more books. This is her job, the way she earns mega-dollars.

Obama Interviewed By Three YouTube "Stars"
Click Here to view the YouTube interviews.


Unlike most people, I watched the entire video with all three interviews. Here is how I feel about it.

I don't think there was a thing wrong with doing the interviews. All three people handled themselves very well. Sure GloZell Green messed up a little, but I'm sure nerves had to have played a part. And obviously the questions were all approved ahead of time, as it was clear Obama had his answers prepared, which is understandable. I guess. No big deal.

What I noticed was that GloZell Green and Hank Green (no relation to each other) both came with liberal views and together allowed Obama to speak on two highly explosive topics from his liberal agenda quite easily. There was no rebuttal, no one taking the conservative side that could ask a challenging follow-up question. However, the other questions by all three interviewers were actually quite fair and down the middle.

Though it would have been much better had there been a voiced conservative to ask a couple solid conservative questions, overall it was put together well and tastefully done.

All-in-all I hope that if and when we get a true conservative in office that he/she will not hesitate to use the same type of platform to get information out there to people on the internet

 My Marriage Proposal
Liberals did not like it.

I "proposed" the following ideas on a mainstream blog. It turned out liberals do not really want what they call "marriage equality" for homosexuals. They were not happy with my truly equal proposal. 

Below is what I proposed:

1 - Do away with marriage licenses. Get the government out of our personal business.
2 - Recognize just the CLAIM of two consenting adults to be married, no matter who they are. This allows people to make their own decisions of right and wrong for them.
3 - The government should allow any legal benefits to any such CLAIMS of marriage. 

4 - The government should NOT force the recognition of any marriage on anyone in society, businesses included. Everyone should have the right to say NO to participating. 
5 - Schools should leave the teaching of "what is a family" to parents at home.
6 - Schools should not allow children to talk about any type of sexuality, but rather just teach them academics. 

7 - The government should not interfere in the raising of people's children, homosexual parents or heterosexual parents. 

NOTE: We've never needed licenses to have children. We simply obtain a birth certificate showing proof of a birth. And yet we always have had legal rights as parents and children. 

NOTE: 3 - "The government should allow any legal benefits to any such CLAIMS of marriage." -- YES people would STILL have ALL legal rights of a marriage.

FOX News - Why I Don't Watch It
That's Right.


I wish that more conservatives would recognize that FOX News is in the business of making money. I personally believe FOX News does what it does to play us conservatives, and that we would do well to know this and to keep it in mind. 

For example, Hannity and Colmes was put together just for the fight. Often Colmes did not even know what he was talking about. He was just playing a part on a show. Then there is Megyn Kelly who is not a conservative and has come out and admitted such, by saying she has never claimed to be one.  It would simply do our side well if we know who it is that we are getting information from. Even though the other news sources are recognized for being liberal, I would rather listen to them and not be fooled. --Then I know to take anything they say and do my own homework to learn "the rest of the story." Sometimes I can learn a lot by listening to a mainstream story, because I am keen to their usual slant and as with listening to a lying child, I can figure out the truth in-between what they are saying. They usually slip somewhere and give it away.

Basically, I do what a judge does, when listening to the news. I assume everyone is giving their slant and do not fully believe any of them, and I get to the truth on my own

Could I Vote For Ted Cruz
Let's think about this.


Born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father, Ted Cruz is an American, a Cuban, and a Canadian. He has formally renounce his Canadian citizenship and I have no idea if he is considered to be officially a Cuban, as I do not know Cuban law.

I have tried to get to the bottom of what a natural born citizen is in the U.S. And I have concluded the term must have been common knowledge back then, so much so that our founding fathers did not define it. It has become clear to me that this is a term that can only be looked at logically today, as no one can honestly say he/she has the absolute definition of it. With that said, my opinion of what it means is just that, my opinion. And my opinion makes sense to me, as that which is in the best interest of our country. I believe that a natural born citizen is a person who was born here and whose parents were born here as well.

When a person is born in another country, and or his/her parent(s) was/were born in another country, there is a strong possibility there will be an allegiance problem towards our country. And it is not good to have a president whose allegiance is not fully to our country. We have seen this with Obama. At the very least, we know for a fact that his father was not born here.

Ted Cruz might have an allegiance fully to our country. But because I believe as I believe about the meaning of a natural born citizen, I have to apply that belief across the board to everyone. With that said, now here comes the kicker. Though I believe Cruz does not qualify, since they allowed Obama into that office, I have NO problem ignoring this belief of mine and pulling a lever for this fine Southern Baptist Republican who appears to love this country very much and far more than any liberal Democrat that runs for office ever would. If they are going to put a person on the ballot who in my opinion does not qualify, it is my choice to ignore such and still vote for that person.

Guns & Alcohol
Let's be reasonable here.


The second amendment needs to be protected. However with that comes responsibility that should be mandatory to be taught to gun owners on a regular basis. Gun safety and gun dangers and gun lessons should just as extensively be taught to regular citizens who own guns, as these things are taught to cops. Also, people should be encouraged to only have a gun if the need for a gun outweighs the dangers of having one. 

With that said, I just cannot understand why people who are against guns are not equally against alcohol, which kills 20 times as many people in accident-related automobile deaths each year in the country and injures approximately 345,000, from scrapes to loss of limbs to parallelizations. 

It takes just one drink to impair a person's judgement, then the person can drink another and another and another and then get behind the wheel of a car and kill someone. Okay, we most likely cannot outlaw alcohol, but could we not do what we can do in trying to get people to stop drinking all on their own and make drinking a shameful thing to do? 

I challenge people who are wanting more strict gun laws (or to fully outlaw guns) to also speak just as strongly against alcohol. If such people cannot, then they cannot honestly say that they are going after guns for the sake of saving lives.

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