READ Those Medical "Privacy" Papers!
They are not all so "Private."
updated - below 11/10/09 
November 08, 2009


In order to get care at an after hours "Urgent Care" unit today, I had to sign that I had received a copy of the "Privacy Practices." I could not have asked for a nicer place to go to, but this "Privacy Practice" paper is another story.

In the past, I have known these types of papers to simply state that they can share my medical information with my primary physician, my insurance company, and other places that have to do with my medical care. This time it was much different.

Though it did have the usual. It had far more. Check out some of the sections.

Disaster Relief: We may disclose your Protected Health Information for public health activities including the reporting of disease, injury, vital events, and the conduct of public health surveillance, investigation and/or intervention. We may also disclose your information to notify a person who may have been exposed to a communicable disease or may otherwise be at risk for contracting or spreading a disease or condition if a law permits us to do so.


Law Enforcement: We may disclose your Protected Health information for certain law enforcement purposes or other purposes or other specialized governmental functions.

Judicial and Administrative Proceedings: We may disclose your Protected Health Information in the course of a certain judicial or administrative proceedings.

There's more, but here is the biggie, should you ever have someone in Congress or the President upset with you and desire to get into your medical records to try to find dirt on you, like if you have ever seen a shrink or taken antidepressants, etc., it very well could happen, as per the next statement.

National Security and Intelligence Activities; Protective Services: We may disclose health information to authorized federal officials who are conducting national security and intelligence activities or as needed to provide protection to the President of the United States, or other important officials.


There is a section that sounds like I can block this with a letter written in, which I will be doing first thing tomorrow. I will also be on the phone with my regular medical office and making sure it has nothing of this sort. And I will always be very careful in any type of urgent care facility or emergency room.

Bottom line, folks; it is time we all be very careful of that which we disclose to our medical caregivers. We need to be very wise. There is a reason that our government is sneaking all of this stuff in on us. And we need to be prepared for the worst. No matter what, READ READ READ, everything that you are putting your name to!

Update 11/10/09:

I have learned that this is definitely a federal form and that this is nationwide. I also learned that my primary care giver's office also has to have it. And thanks to Bill (a local friend of mine who I met at my summer health care meeting), I now have a link to the actual form that is online: http://www.lakesidehealth.com/documents/hippaprivacy.pdf

If you don't think this is nation-wide, check this out: Click Here --check your local medical places too.

The form for the place here, has a 2003 date on it. We have also learned, thanks to Bill, of a site online that shows that some things changed with the 2009 Stimulus. We are still searching to find out the details. But, no matter who is at blame for this atrocity, we need to do something about it. And in the mean time, we need to all be ware of what we have in our doctors' files.

You will notice on the form, an option to revoke your authorization, with the medical place where you have had care. This would work well after an urgent care or hospital situation, as long as you know they have been paid by your insurance agency and that they have conveyed information back to your primary doctor's office.


But what about your on going care in your primary office? Well, there is a section that speaks of being able to "request" restrictions. I am going to work something out with my primary doctor's office that has restrictions on how much of this form can be used for my family’s records and mine. If something cannot be worked out, a person would have to revoke the authorization after each visit, in the same manner as with an urgent care unit or hospital.

This is wrong. It is seriously wrong that we should have to go through this, just to keep that which we are medically owed, as a right, "Doctor / Patient Confidentiality."


We all will need to be extremely careful of information given to doctors, personal info, etc. And think twice before seeking any type of counseling or depression medicine. This shows us that the federal government can profile us, with our own medical records.

Please note that even though the date is 2003, I have never seen a form like this before. Have you? We are trying to get to the bottom of when this actually began being handed out, along with who in the federal government is behind this.


Debra J.M. Smith


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