U.S. Federal Government Employee's
Use of Government Email, Phone Number, and Postal Address
For Homosexual Activism Work In Maryland School District

Debra J.M. Smith, June 20, 2007

(See June 27th update below)

Using that which is funded by the U.S. government for activism work is a misuse of our tax dollars that also implements our government into the work. It gives credence to the activism by its implication that the activism work is government supported, which could cause people to trust the activism simply on those grounds.

First Let Me Fill You In


Montgomery County School Board in Maryland has passed a health curriculum that is designed to teach students that homosexuals are born homosexual. The curriculum comes complete with a how-to video on condom use. The superintendent of schools in the district is Jerry Weast.

PFOX and CRC are organizations that are against the curriculum.  PFOX raised the issue of harassment towards ex-homosexuals in a press release statement. PFOX and CRC appear to be trying to get the state superintendent, Nancy Grasmick, to rule in their favor in an up-coming July decision: See here

I was especially touched by one man's testimony before the Montgomery County, Maryland School Board. The man, Peter Sprigg, who has represented PFOX on the Citizens Advisory Committee on Family Life and Human Development in the district, said, "...this curriculum is harmful because it fails to tell the students that specific sexual acts can be far more harmful to them than other sexual acts. And this curriculum should be changed, because it fails to tell students that some individuals experience a change in sexual orientation in the course of their lives." You can see Peter Sprigg's full testimony here.

TeachTheFactsorg is an organization that is registered with the IRS as a 501(c) 3, tax ID #20-3057821, which means it is registered as a tax-exempt organization. It's website is TeachTheFacts.org. It is in favor of the curriculum. The site is devoted to the teaching of homosexuality.

                       Condoms break. No maker of a condom can guarantee that the condom will not break.

The FDA has the following to say about condom use in general: "Finally, beware of drugs and alcohol! They can affect your judgment, so you may forget to use a condom. They may even affect your ability to use a condom properly." The FDA has this to say about anal use of condoms: "'Condoms provide some protection, but anal intercourse is simply too dangerous to practice' Condoms may be more likely to break during anal intercourse than during other types of sex because of the greater amount of friction and other stresses involved. Even if the condom doesn't break, anal intercourse is very risky because it can cause tissue in the rectum to tear and bleed. These tears allow disease germs to pass more easily from one partner to the other."

To prescribe medical care to children in schools is wrong to begin with, much less medical advice that is known to be unsound. A lawsuit brought about by a student who suffers damages due to a broken condom, used for that which it is not meant to be used for and on the advice of a school could result in a lawsuit against the state, the school district, the superintendent of schools, the board, and the writers of the curriculum. If a school approved curriculum condones homosexual behavior in one breath and tells how to use condoms in the next, the school better be ready for teens to use condoms for homosexual behavior. And the school had better be ready for the legal fall-out of recommending that which the FDA has strong words against.

What will they do next, teach children how to use clean needles to shoot up after telling them that their drug addiction is a genetic predisposition? I do not see how the teaching of homosexuality to students is not seen as endangering the welfare of a minor. Maybe it would be, if the right people would realize it.

(What are students at risk for by the promotion of homosexual sex? See this article --by Dr. John Diggs.)

Jim Kennedy

Okay, Now, The Government Employee In This, Jim Kennedy

When Jim Kennedy emailed me, I believed he was from the Montgomery Maryland Schools because he had copied (cc) me on a response email over the issue with the district. After the email exchange I went to his website, listed in the first email. Later, I noticed his first email was on a dot-gov account.

Jim Kennedy signed the email with his first name and TeachTheFacts.org, the website that is designed to promote the teaching of homosexuality. 

As of 06/20/07 the official contact information for TeachTheFacts.org lists James Kennedy as the registrant, administrator, and tech. The address used for the contact info is the address of the Postal Square Building in DC, where he is employed in a branch of the US Labor Board as a mathematic statistician (a supervisor) with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And the phone number used is his government office phone number. Click here to see a screen-shot picture of the data at his registrar on 06/20/07.

The Email Exchange

After receiving information of the PFOX press release in Montgomery stating that the school board passed the curriculum, A person  wrote to the district. His email was as follows:

Dear Montgomery County School Officials,

That any school would teach their students that there is a 'gay gene' without a shred of truth or scientific evidence is a betrayal of the public's trust in them that educators teach the truth, in order to ensure a stabile future for America.

That confirms what I've suspected for a while, that radical homosexuals will say and do anything, sacrifice the well-being of any others, in order to advance their agenda of perversion.

It's not only about genital worship, it's also incredibly self-centered.

If you were infected with Ebola, would you teach children that we should be tolerant of it? So to promote a lifestyle that can result in a similar end as Ebola (and it often does) is almost beyond belief.

To promote homosexuality in any way is to crucify our own future.


He received the following response from the school GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) co-sponsor, Derrick K. Ryan: 

Dear Mr. xxxxx:

So, what you are saying is that you are really gay and have a lot of internal and self-loathing feelings that you want to spread your hate and lies to ruin the lives of others?

Why don't you just focus on living your OWN life and let others live theirs.

Love always conquers hate, just remember that.

(Señor) Derrick K. Ryan
Spanish Teacher
Spanish III Honors and IV
National Honor Spanish Society, Co-Sp.
Gay-Straight Alliance, Co-sp.
Wootton High School
Rockville, MD


Later I received two emails from the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) co-sp. One of the emails addressed people about Mr. xxxxx's email. Then I received a response email from Jim Kennedy, addressing the GSA co-sp. It was this email from Jim Kennedy that was on a US government email account. It is as follows: --Note: I include his email header so that the bls.gov email address shows. Please also note the nature of the email and the website address under his name.

From: Kennedy, Jim - BLS (Kennedy.Jim@bls.gov)
Sent:Fri 6/15/07 5:31 PM
To: Ryan, Derrick K (Derrick_K_Ryan@mcpsmd.org)
Cc: Debra Smith (debrajmsmith@msn.com); info@teachthefacts.org; fishbackdc@aol.com; BOE (BOE_Account@mcpsmd.org)

PFOX had a press release that facetiously said that MCPS had found the "gay gene," and included a couple of District email addresses, and MCPS has been getting annoying email from all over the world about it.  The best strategy for these kinds of people -- the only strategy, really -- is to ignore them.

You will definitely not convince them of anything through the use of reasoned argument!


I decided to respond to Jim Kennedy's email, not noticing the government email account and under the belief that he worked for the school district. My email said,

Re: Your email to Ryan that you sent me, stating: " PFOX had a press release that facetiously said that MCPS had found the "gay gene," and included a couple of District email addresses, and MCPS has been getting annoying email from all over the world about it. The best strategy for these kinds of people -- the only strategy, really -- is to ignore them."
It is a little too late for that, Jim. Ryan has already shown his hand for what it is. If the press release was incorrect, such info was all that would have been needed in response to any and all emails about the press release. Instead, Ryan got nasty with Mr. xxxxx. I don't believe this is something we can all just let go.
Debra J.M. Smith

(The press release turned out to be correct.)

Jim Kennedy responded roughly an hour later with the following: --Note: Again, I am including his header. He changed email addresses, but did copy (cc) his government address.

From: Jim Kennedy (kennedy.jim@gmail.com)
Sent:Fri 6/15/07 6:48 PM
To: Debra Smith (debrajmsmith@msn.com)

Cc: Kennedy, Jim - BLS (kennedy.jim@bls.gov); Ryan, Derrick K (derrick_k_ryan@mcpsmd.org); info@teachthefacts.org; fishbackdc@aol.com

The email that Ryan received didn't say anything about the PFOX press release, and I don't think Ryan knew about it, but it was clearly the motive for this bizarre letter -- otherwise, why would anyone think that the schools had discovered a "gay gene?"

The information in the letter is uninformed and slanderous, and poor Ryan is just a teacher minding his own business who received this ugly thing in his email at work.  Some lucky people don't have to deal with this kind of hatred, and don't know how to deal with it.  Some naive people think you can respond to these things and have a dialogue with these nuts.  That's why I wrote to advise him that it doesn't work.


Here are the three email contents that followed and rapped up this email exchange:

Ryan has the title, "Gay-Straight Alliance, Co-sp" in his emails. You speak of him as if he is a wet behind the ears child who did not know better than to respond in the way that he responded.
It does not matter if he knew about the news report or not. His response to Mr. xxxxx was unprofessional and appalling.
Ryan said to Mr. xxxxx, "So, what you are saying is that you are really gay and have a lot of internal and self-loathing feelings..."
Now, I ask you, is that type of response really what your school would support from a man with that title? And if your only response is that "poor Ryan" just didn't know how to deal with it, I highly suggest your school replace "poor Ryan" with a professional who would not behave so volatile.
You mention some people being lucky and not having to deal with, what you call, "this kind of hatred." And you refer to people who have emailed your school over this issue as, "nuts." It is not hatred to be concerned about the wellbeing of children, nor does such make a person a nut.
Perhaps you and Ryan need to remove yourselves from working with children until you both can deal with life a little better. 



Derrick (woops, I was calling him Ryan) didn't ask for this moron to email him.  Maybe he is the faculty contact for the GSA, helping gay and straight students understand one another, that's just a way of making the world a better place, and not an invitation to be slandered.  He's a schoolteacher and I don't think he sees this kind of hateful stuff in his work.  I didn't think his response was very well worded, but what do you do when somebody takes a shot at you like that?  How did this schizo get Derrick's email address in the first place, anyway?

As for your stuff about "the children."  The author of that vicious email wasn't defending any children, he was accusing an unsuspecting Spanish teacher of "genital worship" of all things, and he actually seemed to think that MCPS was teaching students that there is a "gay gene."  Look at that PFOX press release, and tell me how anybody could actually believe that's what they're saying.  There's no problem here with any children, an innocent teacher was teaching Spanish when this horrible stuff came to his computer.



Excuse me? Do either of you two men know me? Yet you both emailed me emails that have contents, which go against how I believe on this topic. And you do not see me calling either of you names or behaving in the manner in which either of you have behaved.
Mr. xxxxx copied (cc) a school Gay-Straight Alliance, Co-sp about that which you acknowledge was in a PFOX press release about your school. Who better to contact than a person with that title? And I do not believe for one minute that a person with that title would be unaware of the controversy surrounding homosexuality being taught in public schools. Nor is he a victim of slander, if someone contacts him on the issue of such.
Regarding your thoughts on what is "just a way of making this world a better place": You have your view on what could achieve that, and others have their views on the topic. Many of us believe that getting the truth out to adults, as to just what homosexuality is, the agenda, and legally pulling the reigns in on that agenda, would be a way of making this world a better place.
Yes, I truly believe that you both need to take a solid look at yourselves and your behavior in these emails.

After The Email Exchange

My curiosity of this person whose emails contradicted and had much distortion caused me to seek out answers. That's when I learned who Jim Kennedy is. I also learned more about Derrick Ryan, that he is far from "poor Ryan."  


*June 27th update

The contact information for TeachTheFacts.org was changed today: Click Here
(I have also updated the title and body of this article on my site to reflect this update and a new finding on the FDA site.)

I had contacted the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. In so many words, I was told this behavior was not allowed. Privacy rules in the agency prevent them from answering directly if any actions would be taken. Was he told to remove the information and to stop conducting activism work from a government office?

Has the running of his activism work from a government office given him power and influence in his 'cause' that he otherwise would not have had?

This is our U.S. Federal Government. And any misuse of U.S. tax dollars is our business, all of our business, all across America; and should be addressed.

Is there anything more that you can do?

Yes, with regards to the curriculum itself: If you live in Montgomery County and you would like to voice your concerns about children's welfare being endangered with curriculum that teaches children to have oral and anal sex with condoms and or the curriculum's discriminative over-tone against ex-homosexuals (by way of saying homosexuality is an innate condition), here are some places you can contact:

Brian Edwards
Director of Public Relations
Montgomery County Schools
301 - 279 - 3853

Gregory Bell
Human Relations Director of Diversity
301 - 517 - 5916

I highly suggest writing to the two people below by US Certified Mail, with a return receipt. The more documented proof that citizens have contacted the State and county, the better, should proof one day be needed. (Keep a copy.)

Nancy S. Grasmick
Office of the State Superintendent
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

410 - 767 - 0462

Montgomery Maryland Child Protective Services
Sheila Dennis (Administrator)
The Dept. of Health & Human Services
1301 Piccard Drive
Rockville, Maryland 20850 
240 - 777 - 3535

If you are a parent of an 8th or 10th grade student in the Montgomery County School District, write a letter to your child's school letting the principal know that you will not allow your child to participate in a class that teaches an acceptance of homosexuality, homosexual acts, or anything related to such. The fewer students who attend the classes the less damage that can be done. Children could talk to other children about getting a note from home as well. Communication and rallying together is a major key in this. Getting the word out to many parents will also greatly help.  Keep in mind that a flasher on a street corner, who has no audience, will close his coat.

If you would like to educate yourself about 501(c)3 tax-exempt Status, here is a good place to begin: click here (Note the section on "Political activity.") The U.S. Government tax info number is: 1 - 800 - 829 - 1040.

One More Tid-Bit

The following are three pictures from TeachTheFacts.org on June 10, 2006 (a year ago.)
While looking through these pictures, ask yourself the following question:
"Is what is happening in Montgomery County Schools the work of a secular religion?"

Notice the Unitarian Universalist Church sign on the last picture.
(The Unitarian Universalist Church (UUC) stands for everything bad. And it has ties to the ACLU. For info,
click here.)

Here is what Brian Edwards is quoted as saying about the curriculum:

Brian Edwards describes the curriculum additions as a "discussion of defining terms related to sexual orientation and information regarding teaching the concepts of tolerance, empathy and respect for all people regardless of sexual orientation."  source

Concepts of tolerance, empathy and respect of all people regardless of sexual orientation, all fall into the teachings of the Unitarian Universalist Church. It is their beliefs that are being taught in the Montgomery Maryland schools.

© Copyright 2007 Debra J.M. Smith


© Debra J.M. Smith