The Definition of Marriage 


Debra J.M. Smith,
Copyrights - July 14, 2006

The definition of the word "marriage" is a union between a man and a woman. There are many in American who are trying to change the meaning of the word, "marriage," to include people who are practicing sexual sin with each other.

However, when a couple seeks a marriage license it is understood that the couple is a man and a woman. When a couple puts a check in the box titled, "Married filing jointly," on a 1040 tax return, it is understood that the couple is a man and a woman. Legal documents and laws that use the word "marriage," mean between a man and a woman. And when a spouse dies, Social Security refers to the living spouse as 'husband' or 'wife.' (No matter what, a person also stays the sex they were born as, with Social Security and the spouse will always be the opposite sex.) 

So, the question is this: Will our nation allow the alteration of English words to alter the meanings to legal documents and laws?

Think about the endless possibilities that such could mean for our nation. First off, there would be no law or legal document worth the paper such is written on. All it will take is an alteration to the meanings of words, and presto, the law and or legal document is altered.

Adulterers could legally get away with polygamy, because to them, a marriage is with more than one woman. I feel sorry for first wives, who find out the hard way that the terms of their marriage license can be changed with the alteration of the word "marriage."

How about birth certificates? Are they next?

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 Debra J.M. Smith