In The Middle of A Holy War
Wake-up America

Debra J.M. Smith
Sept. 23, 2009


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"Our Time Has Come," is the slogan on the front page of the Islamic website that is responsible for the September 25, 2009 Islamic march in Washington D.C. When you finally see it, at the bottom of that front page, you will then also be listening to some eerie Islamic music, if your speakers are turned up.


The other night, while on our way home from church, I could see from the expressway, a huge Islamic Mosque. It was right in the city of Rochester, New York. It was such an odd sight to see. It was as if someone dropped part of the Movie, Aladdin, right into our city. Only this did not seem so sweet, and it looked very out of place.

Turning A Blind Eye


So too, do all of the Muslims that are everywhere I go these days. Before 9/11/01, I had never seen them here. Now it is most every outing, they are seen. I cannot help but look right into the eyes of Muslim women, dressed all in black, with just little slats for mysterious eyes to peek through. I just keep looking, till we pass. They clearly see me. I suppose that it is my way of showing that I am not pleased with them and that I am not scared of them. It is they who hide. I guess if I followed a "holy" book that said to cut off the heads of those who did not follow my God, that I would hide my face, as well.

And then there are those trendy ones that just wear the head coverings, with or without the rest of the body dress. They bug me too.


Recently I learned that a woman (a Roman Catholic nun) that works in my congresswoman, Louise Slaughter's office, was deeply involved in honoring a group of Muslims, jut a year after 9/11. This was at an event, right here, in Rochester and covered by Rochester's main news paper, the Democrat and Chronicle: See a cache page, Click Here


The event that was to honor a local Islamic Center and called, "Your Light Rises in the Darkness," was opened up by "Sister" Beth LeValley. "Sister" Beth was the current Greater Rochester Community of Churches president at the time. (GRCC is a new world order type of group.) "Sister" Beth opened with the following statement, "Our communities of faith are more mindful of the darkness of our world and of our own darkness. A gift of entering into darkness is that we know better the light and welcome it." --She knows the light and welcomes it, or so she says. And that "light" that she is speaking of, is the Islamic "light."


We currently have a man in the office of the presidency that supports Islam; from his childhood days in Islamic schools, to his books that he wrote, to his "Muslim faith" reference in a campaign interview that he never denounced as an error, to his inauguration speech that recognized the Muslim faith, to his unapologetic bowing to a foreign Muslim king, to his opening of this most recent Islamic holy day. --There is no need to say more. We see his heart, and so do they.

Interestingly enough, it is that which has been done in secret that is being brought out into the light for all to see. But contraire to what "Sister" Beth said, it is not the light, but rather, it is being exposed by the light, the Lord God Himself, who brings all things into the light. But strangely, many people in America are turning a blind eye to it.


Perhaps there have been no blinder eyes, than the eyes that have turned away from the obvious that has shown up at the crash-site of our American heroes of 9/11 Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. The memorial, scheduled to be built on the site is in the shape of an Islamic Crescent and fulfills all of the requirements of a giant Islamic Mosque: Click Here to see and listen to the clear details.

When I think of all of those people who died in the three different places on 9/11, I just cannot believe all that has happened since and all in the name of the very god, "Allah," that those terrorist attacked our nation for on that day.

That day was not an isolated event, as so many people want to believe it to have been. No, dear fellow Americans, I dare say that day was the Islamic grand entry into this predominately Christian nation. That was the day Islam declared "Holy War" on America. And just like it took America a long time to wake up, during WWII, it is taking her a long to wake up to this holy war.


It is time the sleeping giant wakes up again and fights this war that we were sucker-punched into on 9/11 and openly mocked and taunted with ever since. Wake-up, America. Wake-up and fight.

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 Debra J.M. Smith