Unnatural Sex - of Good or of Evil
Fruit inspection

One way to see if an act is of a good or of an evil foundation, is by looking at the fruit that such act produces.


Recently I asked a question to a group of people, and it was as follows: "Which do you feel is the foundation for [sexual acts between two people of the same sex], good or evil? If you could give me reasons with examples, for your answers, it would be appreciated." ---end of question


It was apparent that this question was the right question to ask. The only way it could be truthfully answered would be for a person to say that unnatural sexual acts are of the evil foundation. The way that the question was asked did not allow for a person to lie and say that these unnatural acts are of the good foundation because the follow up was asking for reasons and examples for any answer. Fact is there are no reasons or examples to support such being of a good foundation. (No one could give even one reason or one example.)


When examining the fruit of unnatural acts, it can quickly be seen that the fruit is destruction. And it can be seen that, no good comes from unnatural acts.
Actions speak loudly

Another way that shows how one can tell if an act is of a good or of an evil foundation, is to ask the question, "Would God bless it?" 


Two women's shopping experiences:


One-woman shops and carefully picks out what she is going to buy for her family's dinner that night. As she smells the fresh peaches, she says to the produce boy, "These will make such a wonderful peach cobbler. My children will love it." Walking up to the butcher counter, she asks for the biggest cut of New York Strip steak that he has. Later in the store, she squeezes the bread to make sure she chooses the softest and hand picks fresh green beans for her vegetable casserole. Smiling at an elderly lady next to her, while placing a sweet onion in her basket, she says, "My husband's favorite side dish is scalloped potatoes." The woman proceeds to the check out register, where she talks away to the cashier, telling the cashier how the weather is perfect for cooking out and how enjoyable it will be eating outside. When dinnertime comes and her family is sitting around the picnic table, the kids are teasing each other, dad is a little grumpy from being over hungry, and she asks her husband to say a prayer to God for blessings on the food. There is silence, as everyone bows their heads, her husband says a prayer, and they all then dig in to eat.


On the other side of town, there is another woman. She, too, has her family around the table. No one in her house says a prayer of thanks for the food. They just all dig in. Earlier that day, this woman was in the same store as the other woman had been in. But, this woman shopped a little differently. She was very quick, kept her head low, spoke to no one, and got out of there fast, pretending to be looking for something in her purse. When she got to her car, she got in quickly and pulled a squished loaf of bread out of the front of her coat. Pulling into her driveway, she finally managed to get a canned ham out of the front of her pants and exhaled. Carrying the bread and ham into her house, she tossed them both carelessly on the counter and emptied out her deep coat pockets. She placed on the counter a box of chicken flavored rice, a can of corn, and some candy.


Both women had shopped that day, but only one could seek blessings from God on the food that was obtained.


If you are doing something that you cannot ask The True and Living God to bless, then something is wrong with what you are doing. 
Fruits of heterosexual sex in a Biblical marriage

God can bless heterosexual sex inside of a marriage. God's children can actually ask for their sex with their spouse to be blessed. Blessed sex produces good fruit; a couple experiences becoming one, bodily and spiritually--their souls actually unite as their bodies become one. Such an experience repeated throughout marriage, causes a bond in a marriage that stands the test of time. I highly doubt that two people of the same gender could ever, during an unnatural sexual act experienced a spiritual  'experience' during intimacy that causes tears to flow in the most peaceful way, which can only be compared to doves flying free. Only the 'real' thing, which is completed with parts that fit together, can produce such a real experience.

There is nothing dirty or shameful about sex that is blessed. It is not something that true children of God, who are married need to flaunt in public, nor do they need the world to accept it, because they know it is right! They do not need to talk about the basics to their children till their children begin to ask questions because they do not fear that their children will judge them for doing it. They have no desire to have it taught in schools, because they know that true loving heterosexual matrimonial sex is not something that can be taught in a school, but rather experienced by two people in a true and loving blessed marriage. 

Lesser gods

It is not uncommon for people who realize they cannot turn to the real God, while living in a bad way, to make up a god that allows them to do what it is they want to do. These gods are in the people's image, the people who make them up. These gods are imitation gods, who condone imitation acts. The people who worship these imitation gods and commit these imitation acts, insist their acts are the real thing, that the acts are simply different--as are their gods.

Imitation: "it isn't fake anything; it's real synthetic fur"; "faux pearls"; "false teeth"; "decorated with imitation palm leaves"; "a purse of simulated alligator hide (www.dictionary.com)

As the song goes, "Ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby. Ain't nothin' like the real thing."

Many people have come out of unnatural sexual behaviors and have come to enjoy the 'real thing,' far more than the 'imitation thing.' From what I have seen, such a change involves the coming into a true and loving real relationship with the true and loving real God.

Jesus Christ is Lord God Almighty, The Risen Savior and only Way. He stands at the door of fornicators' hearts and knocks. If
anyone lets Him in, He will enter in and sup with them. He will cleanse them of all unrighteousness, they will be a new creation in Him, and He will begin a good work in them that He will see through to completion.


Copyright 2006 Debra J.M. Smith

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