Getting Behind Obama


I have to chuckle a little typing the title to this article. The name “Obama” is still not recognized by any computer software spell-check program that I know of. I still have to right click on

the word and allow the spelling of it. Funny, my last name is recognized and McCain’s is too, but not Obama’s. Some might say that this is neither-here-nor-there. But are they sure?


In Obama’s acceptance speech, he spoke of having to still win over those who did not vote for him. And according to McCain, I am now to believe that Obama is a “good man”. And people all around are expecting me to “get behind Obama.”


While listening to Republicans (I am an Independent) turn on their party and curse the ground the party walks on, blaming the party for this, that and the other thing, I just marvel at the stupidity of the Democrats. I mean it is not every day that we get to see “Democracy” in action! But, while my keen eye is in clear focus of both parties’ unique consistencies, I cannot help but think about just what it would take to “get behind Obama.”


Just what would it take?


Lying would no longer be immoral, but rather just the subject of an old silly commandment in a radical book. When questioned about past events in my life, I would now be able to exercise my right to divert and deflect. Embracing a choice to end a life inside my womb would cause me to cheer; and walking side by side with men dressed as women would give me a sense of inclusion and oneness with the planet, right after I call for the firing of all coal workers, the silencing of born again Christians, and the imprisonment of all those who speak against Allah!


I would embrace ignorance and further the uneducated in their climb up the economic latter of success, blaming the rich for the fall of capitalism. Socialism would be my new buzz word, while I chant, “Yes we can! Yes we can!” As my friend Miss Angie said she is going to do, I would buy a new purse to fit in it, my share of Oprah’s money.


Learning to hate “Whitey” may take a little while, but I am sure such would come in time. I would hang with domestic terrorists, angry blacks and groups of poverty stricken people that would make me feel good about my life and myself.


I would embrace the philosophy that world peace can and must be achieved, and I would agree that all who would not play nice with everyone doing anything are the real enemies.


When my daughters have opportunity to use the fact that they are not white, heterosexual males in order to further their careers, I would tell them to jump on that!


Qualifications for the presidency would be superficial, as would be the need to be qualified. The Constitution would be nothing more to me than an artifact to be viewed in a Washington Museum. All evidence of America being a Christian nation would need to be destroyed, in my opinion. I would call for the freedom to desecrate the United States flag, for “gays” to marry and for the freedom to kill myself when I am old. I would vote to enact hate speech laws and to re-enact the fairness doctrine.


I would embrace Islamics and homosexuals, while slamming Evangelicals and traditional values. I would view illegal immigration as just a way for foreigners to get their share of Oprah’s money, and I would see those that oppose of such as stingy and in need of compassion.


War would be nothing more to me than the Republican Party trying to rule the world for Jesus and using Oprah’s money to do so. However, I would see a future invasion of Pakistan and the need for more troops in Afghanistan as different.


I would have no part of any other schooling, besides that of public schools. I would believe that all parents should answer to the state and that schools should have the right to teach social morals to all children, morals that embrace the fullness of the world around us.


It would be my opinion that unions run the businesses and laws should dictate whom employers have to hire and cannot fire.


The answer to the national debt would be simple to me; the government should make the rich pay more in taxes and the treasury can just print more money.


The Bible Scripture that asks the question, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” would no longer mean the concern of a soul going to hell, but rather the seriousness of one losing a part of one’s self, part of one’s own soul, as The Divine Miss Oprah felt would happen to her if Obama did not win this election.


I would ask the question; "What’s so wrong with Socialism, Sharia Law and alternative life-styles?"


And when Obama addresses the nation, I would wear the red and black colors of the warrior shield on the Kenyan flag; and I would envision a light coming down from heaven and a voice saying to me, “This is my son, of whom I am well pleased.” And then, I would wave my American flag and say, “God bless America!”


© Debra J.M. Smith 2008


Kenyan Flag


© Debra J.M. Smith