A Fool's Ploy

You came to me, not long ago,

Wanting to take my joy.

I guess you thought you had the power,

To make me your puppet, your toy.


To think that you could pull my strings,

And make me fall apart,

To think that you had any say,

Over the condition of my heart,


Tells me what a truly lost

And sad individual you are,

Cause really all you are to me,

Is a soul out there afar.


In your anger, you said,

Oh so foolishly,

Lies that those who know me,

Would never remotely believe.


I have for you, only pity,
And a bit of laughter too,
Cause in the end, all you really did,
Was make a fool of you!


Copyrights -Debra J.M. Smith





 Debra J.M. Smith