"An Eagle of Divers Colors"
"A personal story"


While doing a Bible search on the word eagle for a theme of articles, titled, The Grounded Eagle Needs To Soar Again, I came across Ezekiel 17:3.


The scripture is a depiction of right and wrong, keeping a covenant with God vs. breaking one. God uses two different eagles in the parable--the first eagle does right, the second eagle does wrong. The first eagle has wings of divers colors and does not break its covenant with God.

Christ's true church is made up of all true believers. And we come from all nationalities--embroidered into one body, the body of Christ. I wonder if this is weaved into this scripture. And I wonder if our founding fathers saw this in this scripture, when they named the Eagle as our national bird, because we are a nation that was founded on Christianity and of course we are made up of various different nationalities.

My grandfather was brought over here around the turn of the century. Married fifty years to my grandmother, he and she raised four children in a small Italian town here in NY. He knew all of his grandchildren and was able to see us all grow up. I was the last born in his family. His last name is the 'M' in my full name. The name was made just for his family by an American teacher and means a lot to me. I could not let it go with marriage. I have four names.

My grandpa was a man of depth, he cared about his family and neighbors and country -- he served in WWI and died in a veteranís hospital, after a long life, of over 90 years.

As an older man my grandpa loved to paint. One of his paintings hung in the garage of the house he lived in for almost 30 years after the house was sold. Recently I went back to that house and a person who was in care of the house gave me the painting.

The night that I read Ezekiel 17:3, the painting was right behind me. My daughter and I had wondered about the way my grandpa painted it, what the reason may have been to have painted it the way that he had. As I read Ezekiel 17:3, I saw what I believe he painted.

God says, in Ezekiel 17, verse 3: "And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; A great eagle with great wings, longwinged, full of feathers, which had divers colours, came unto Lebanon, and took the highest branch of the cedar."


 I turned and looked at my grandpa's painting behind me.
My grandpa would have loved the work that I do.
An Emblem of America

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