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Monday 09-30-13 Text Satire Site (National Report) Is A Trap For Conservatives Online Click Here
Saturday  09-28-13 Text In The Beginning: What Happened Between Verses One & Two Click Here
Tuesday 09-10-13 Text Email To My Congressman: Why We Should Not Bomb Syria Click Here
Monday 09-02-13 Text Why Does Obama So Badly Want The U.S. At War With Syria Click Here
Monday 08-19-13 Text A Court's Invalidation Of New York City’s “Stop And Frisk” Law Click Here
Wednesday 08-14-13 Text Artist Depicts Zimmerman As A Murderer Click Here
Saturday  07-27-13 Text Dear Black American - Don't Make Trayvon Your Poster Child Click Here
Wednesday 07-17-13 Text White On Black Murders In The Womb -- Where's The Outrage Click Here
Friday 06-14-13 Text Whose Transparency Was Obama Speaking Of    Click Here
Friday 05-31-13 Text Megyn Kelly Attacks Erick Erickson, Lou Dobbs on Women's Role Click Here

Friday 05-17-13 Text Did Pat Robertson Really Play Down Adultery Click Here
Monday 05-13-13 Text Why Cults Can Appear To Be So Holy -- But Cannot Carry Through Click Here
Wednesday 04-24-13 Text When Your Freedom Puts Chains On Me -- Christian WA Florist Sued Click Here
Friday 04-19-13 Text Watertown, MA Man Forced To Strip Naked Cleared And Released Click Here
Monday 04-15-13 Text Chris Matthews Blames Far Right For 04/15/13 Boston Bombings Click Here
Tuesday 04-09-13 Text Did Melissa Harris-Perry REALLY Say That Children Belong To Their Communities? Click Here
Monday 04-08-13 Text Suicide - Is A True Born Again Believing Christian Capable of Suicide Click Here
Friday 04-05-13 Text Federal Judge Rules Morning-after Pill To Be Available To All Ages Click Here
Monday 03-25-13 Text No God - No Bible - No Marriage Click Here
Monday 02-04-13 Text Pinocchio's Pleasure Island Has Come To America Click Here

Friday 02-01-13 Text IRS Posts Obama Care Tax Penalty Calculations On Website Click Here
Tuesday 01-29-13 Text Hispanic MSNBC Host Calls Us "Crazy Crackers" On The Right Click Here
Tuesday 01-15-13 Text Where Will This All End Click Here
Monday 12-10-12 Text Obama Care And Death Panels Click Here
Monday 12-03-12 Text Science And The Christian Click Here
Monday 11-26-12 Text If I Were A Conspiratorist Click Here
Friday 11-16-12 Text Democrats, Liberals, And Thieves, Oh My! Click Here
Thursday 11-15-12 Text Kids Without God - An American Humanist Website Click Here
Thursday 11-15-12 Text Petraeus Love Triangle Part Of Benghazi Cover-up Click Here
Sunday  11-11-12 Text Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down Click Here

Friday 11-09-12 Text The Fiscal Cliff Facade Stand-Off - Both parties want the other to be at fault. Click Here
Wednesday  11-07-12 Text Here's The Good News - The Day After The 2012 Presidential Election Click Here
Friday 11-02-12 Text Speaking On The Homosexual Topic - Let Your Light So Shine  Click Here
Wednesday 10-31-12 Text 2012 Elections - Pastor David Jeremiah Should Know Better Click Here
Monday 10-29-12 Text 2012 Elections - I'm Simply Not Scared Click Here
Monday 10-22-12 Text Call Me Crazy But I Thought Romney Won (The 3rd Debate) Tonight Click Here
Tuesday 10-16-12 Text An Independent Take On Last Night’s (The 2nd Debate) Debate Click Here
Monday 10-08-12 Text The Main Reason Obama-Care Is Unconstitutional Is Being Missed Click Here
Monday 10-01-12 Text California Law Bans Homosexual Conversion Therapy Of Minors  Click Here
Saturday  09-27-12 Text There's More To Women Than Reproductive Organs Click Here

Thursday 09-20-12 Text The Necessity Of American Perseverance -- Hope Must Live On Click Here
Wednesday 09-12-12 Text Congressional Candidate Maggie Brooks Is Not What I Thought Click Here
Updated Updated Text Flight 93 -- Heroes Soon Forgotten Click Here
Thursday 08-30-12 Text The American Dreamer -- Time to wake up Click Here
Friday 08-24-12 Text The Rutherford Institute Defends Brandon Raub For Crazy Facebook Page Click Here
Monday 08-13-12 Text Kyra Sedgwick Actually Believes Obama Will Save Planet Earth Click Here
Wednesday 08-08-12 Text U.S. Constitution Upholds The Declaration of Independence Click Here
Tuesday 07-31-12 Audio Something For You To Think About -- Life Is In The Baby At Conception Click Here
Monday 07-30-12 Audio Something For You To Think About -- My Wish For Obama's B-Day Click Here

Monday 07-30-12 Text The Nation's In Major Trouble - But Sign Obama's Birthday Card Click Here
Thursday 07-26-12 Audio Something For You To Think About -- Thug Mayor Bullies Christian Click Here
Thursday 07-25-12 Text Mayor Bullies Christian Business Owner For Pro-Family Beliefs Click Here
Wednesday 07-25-12 Audio Something For You To Think About -- First Woman In Space Was "Gay" Click Here
Tuesday 07-24-12 Audio Something For You To Think About -- Our Nation Debt - How High Is It Click Here
Monday 07-23-12 Audio Something For You To Think About -- What Might Be Being Planned Now Click Here
Monday 07-23-12 Text In Times Like This - Aurora Colorado - We See The Hand of God Click Here
Friday 07-20-12 Audio Something For You To Think About -- Guns - The Colorado Shootings Click Here
Thursday 07-19-12 Audio Something For You To Think About -- Condoleezza Rice Not VP Material Click Here
Wednesday 07-18-12 Text When Online Friendships Go Bad -- Betrayal On The Internet  Click Here

Wednesday 07-18-12 Audio Something For You To Think About -- Chick-fil-A Stands Against "Gays" Click Here
Tuesday 07-17-12 Audio Something For You To Think About -- YouTube Pulled Obama Singing Click Here
Monday 07-16-12 Text Obama’s War On The Individual -- A Disrespect For Individualism Click Here
Monday 07-09-12 Text Government Electric Scam: Obama Gonna Pay My Electric Bill! Click Here
Saturday 07-07-12 Text The Framework of The U.S. Constitution Revealed - Updated Click Here
Saturday 06-30-12 Text Obama Website Store Sells "Health Reform Still A BFD" T-Shirt Click Here
Thursday 06-28-12 Text Supreme Court Exposed Obama Health Care While Defending It Click Here
Wednesday 06-27-12 Text A Homo Oreo Posted On The Kraft Oreo FaceBook Online Page Click Here
Wednesday 06-20-12 Text J.C. Penney's Stock Drops Nearly Nine Percent - I Love It! Click Here
Saturday 06-09-12 Text Calling All Christians - One of Our Own Needs Us - Let's Step Up Click Here

Saturday 06-02-12 Text Real Dads Get A Real Fathers Day Face Slap By JC Penney  Click Here
Tuesday 05-29-12 Text Homeland Security forced to release list of words used to monitor social media Click Here
Saturday 05-12-12 Text The Huffington Puffington Post Strikes Yet Again Click Here
Friday 05-04-12 Text Real Moms Get A Real Mothers Day Face Slap By JC Penney Click Here
Friday 04-13-12 Text The Real Issue of What Was Said Against Stay-At-Home Moms Click Here
Wednesday 04-04-12 Text What True Conservatives Are Looking For In A Congressperson Click Here
Wednesday 03-28-12 Text & Audio The Main Reason Obama-Care Is Unconstitutional Is Being Missed Click Here
Friday 03-23-12 Text Pelosi Defends Obama Care With Declaration of Independence Click Here
Monday 03-19-12 Text There's Far More To Us Women Than Our Reproductive Organs Click Here
Friday 03-09-12 Text Obama Stands With Israel Ad - Do They Think We Are Stupid Click Here

Wednesday 02-29-12 Text Kiss And Full Body Embrace Photo of Two Male "Gay Marines" Click Here
Tuesday 02-28-12 Text I Will Not Be Afraid -- I Will Not Be Scared of The 2012 Election Click Here
Wednesday 02-15-12 Text & Audio Peer Pressure Does Not Just Happen To Children Click Here
Thursday 02-09-12 Text JC Penney Spokeswoman Calls Us Pro Family People "Haters" Click Here
Wednesday 02-08-12 Text Washington Post Says Perverted and Naughty Are Hate Words Click Here
Tuesday 02-07-12 Text Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Flat Tax Still Being Sought Click Here
Wednesday 01-25-12 Text Media Starts And Fans East Haven, Conn. Taco Dinner Flames Click Here
Monday 01-23-12 Text Health Insurance - HMO Policies VS High Deductibles Click Here
Thursday 01-19-12 Text SOPA - Online Piracy Act vs Right To Due Process of The Law Click Here
Wednesday 01-11-12 Text Federal Court Blocks Oklahoma Sharia Ban -- What Could Have Worked Click Here

Monday 12-12-11 Text CA Senator Threat of Law To Force Lowe's Apology To Muslims Click Here
Thursday 12-08-11 Text Lesbian Mother Used An Eight Year Old For Gay Activism Stunt Click Here
Saturday 12-03-11 Text Herman Cain Suspends His Campaign - Well I Guess They Won Click Here
Wednesday 11-30-11 Text Herman Cain: What If I Am Wrong About The Man - What Then? Click Here
Monday 11-28-11 Text Let's Do This Gods Way - Don't Slap God & Then Seek His Help Click Here
Tuesday 11-22-11 Text Jimmy Fallon Band Calls Michelle Bachmann A Lying Ass Bitch Click Here
Monday 11-14-11 Text Fed Health Care Law vs. "General Welfare" of The United States Click Here
Wednesday 11-02-11 Text Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Accusation - The Way I See It Click Here
Saturday 10-28-11 Text What About Catholicism: Can A Roman Catholic Be Born Again Click Here
Friday 10-21-11 Text What Happened Between Verses One And Two of Genesis One Click Here

Friday 10-14-11 Text Huffington Post Doesn't Want Christian Conservative Comments Click Here
Monday 10-10-11 Text Out With The First Amendment - Romney Condemns Anti-Mormonism Click Here
Wednesday 10-05-11 Text Senator Reid's 5% Tax Plan For The Rich To Pay For Obama's Job Package Click Here
Saturday 10-01-11 Text Government Paid Chaplains To Perform Homosexual "Marriages" Click Here

Friday 09-23-11 Text Is Homosexuality THE BEAST -- And Is Accepting It THE MARK Click Here
Monday 09-12-11 Text ACLU: Public School Children Are Fair Game For Homosexuals Click Here
Thursday 09-08-11 Text Tolerance -- What Is A Reasonable Goal For Us All To Have Click Here
Wednesday 08-24-11 Text An Open Message To Extreme Evolutionist Richard Dawkins Click Here
Friday 08-12-11 Text Appeals Court Strikes Health Insurance Requirement - But What's The Real Fight Click Here

Friday 08-05-11 Text Be Very Careful What "Conservative" PAC You Donate To Click Here
Wednesday 08-03-11 Text Congressional "Super Committee" Is Not So Super After All Click Here
Monday 08-01-11 Text We Conservatives Need To Chill Out Click Here
Friday 07-01-11 Text A Christian In The White House Does Not Make A Theocracy Click Here
Thursday 06-30-11 Text Why Liberals Still Defend The Communist In The White House Click Here

June 2011 . Casey Anthony - My Thoughts On The Not Guilty Verdict Click Here

Tuesday 06-28-11 . Michele Bachmann Feels The Lord's Leading To 2012 Elections Click Here
Monday 06-27-11 . Liberals Use New York Homosexual Marriage For Cuomo 2016 Click Here
Friday 06-24-11 . New York Legislature Passes Homosexual Marriage Bill Click Here
Friday 06-24-11 . Is The DMV The Place To Choose To Be An Organ Donor Click Here
Friday 06-17-11 . DOD Interpreter (Mohamad Ahmad) Facing Serious Sex Charges With Child Click Here
Friday 06-17-11 . New York Republican Assemblyman Votes For Homosexual Marriage Click Here
Wednesday 06-15-11 . Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Gets Released From The Hospital Click Here
Wednesday 06-08-11 . Rep. Louise Slaughter Went To Washington D.C. To Kill Babies Click Here
Monday 06-06-11 . Does Former Sen. Santorum Have What It Takes To Be A True Leader Click Here
Thursday 06-02-11 . Romney Tries To Be Reagan With "Believe in America" Campaign Click Here

Saturday 05-28-11 . Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most despicable of them all? Click Here
Friday 05-27-11 . Would Texas Governor Rick Perry Make A Good President? Click Here
Thursday 05-26-11 . Binyamin Netanyahu Visit Deepens Israeli-Palestinian Impass Click Here
Monday 05-16-11 . There Is No Good Excuse For Socialism - The Health Care Lies Click Here
Monday 05-09-11 . The Mormon Church Conditioning Americans For Romney Click Here
Monday 05-02-11 . Birth Certificate - Osama Bin Laden - 2012 Election Click Here
Wednesday 04-27-11 . Obama Claims To Have Released His Long Form Birth Certificate Click Here
Tuesday 04-26-11 . "Last Word" O'Donnell Says Jesus Would Tax Us All of Our Money Click Here
Thursday 04-14-11 . Obama Is Now Going After The Rich - Clearly For Votes Click Here
Wednesday 04-13-11 . Bill Cosby Goes After Donald Trump Click Here

Monday 04-11-11 . Another One For The Kenyan In The White House: Arizona Lost Click Here
Friday 04-08-11 Audio Included Why Are Women Still Having To Go To Panned Parenthood For Basic Needs Click Here
Monday 04-04-11 Audio Included Obama Announced His Reelection Campaign Click Here
Friday 04-01-11 Audio Included "The 'Day of Silence' Walk Out" - A Homosexual Day Walk Out Click Here
Wednesday 03-30-11 Audio Included Most Read Psalm In The Bible: Psalm 23 -  Let's Get It Into Us Click Here
Monday 03-28-11 Audio Included The Government's Not Working - We Must Work All The Harder Click Here
Friday 03-25-11 Audio Included Does The Limbaugh / Hannity Parent Company Hire Call Actors Click Here
Thursday 03-24-11 Audio Included The U.S. Presidency Is Not A Big Prize To Be Won By Anyone Click Here
Monday 03-21-11 Audio Included Judge Has Muslims Follow Sharia Law: Where Are The Liberals Click Here

Wednesday 03-16-11 Audio Included Government Employee Has Way Too Much Time On His Hands Click Here
Wednesday 03-16-11 . Curriculum Tells Some Truth That The Schools Needs To Follow Click Here
Wednesday 03-09-11 Audio Included Take A Stand - Make A Change Click Here
Monday 03-07-11 Audio Included Irena Sendler - A True Hero Click Here
Monday 02-28-11 Audio Included Moral America Being Pushed Into The Proverbial Closet Click Here
Wednesday 02-23-11 Audio Included American Bar Association Recognizes Shariah Law Click Here
Monday 02-21-11 Audio Included How Are We At Buying American Made Products Click Here
Thursday 02-17-11 Audio Included Updated With Audio - Are You For Less Government Or No Government Click Here
Tuesday 02-15-11 Audio Included Bill O'Reilly Said You're Insane If You Don't Call Obama A Christian Click Here
Monday 02-14-11 Audio Included The Homosexual Invasion of The Conservative Movement Click Here

Thursday 02-10-11 Audio Included My Thoughts On Former Congressman Chris Lee (R) New York Click Here
Wednesday 02-09-11 Audio Included Are You Taking Council From An Ungodly Current Events Host Click Here
Monday 02-07-11 . America On-line Purchases The Huffington Post For 315 Million Click Here
Friday 02-04-11 Audio Included The Safey of All at Town Hall Meetings - Not Just Some Click Here
Thursday 02-03-11 . Roe vs Wade Came Via The ACLU and The Unitarian Universalist Click Here
Wednesday 02-02-11 . WI Attorney General Says, Federal Health Care Law is Dead Click Here
Tuesday 02-01-11 Audio Included Easter 2031 Asteroid – Sensationalism – A Need For Hope Click Here
Monday 01-31-11 Audio Included Egypt - Taking Up Arms - Protecting Their Own Click Here
Friday 01-21-11 . Please Police Your Own Language, Rep Slaughter: A Letter Sent Click Here
Thursday 01-20-11 Audio Included Did I Email "Profanity-Laced" Emails To Someone ...Internet Lies Click Here

Wednesday 01-19-11 . H.R. 2 - Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act - It's Here Click Here
Saturday 01-15-11 . Liberal College Professors Are Who Need To "Tone It Down" Click Here
Thursday 01-13-11 .  Let's Just Add My Congresswoman To The List of Opportunists Click Here
Monday 01-10-11 . The Arizona Shootings Were Our Fault - How? Click Here
Monday 12-27-10 . Canadian Homosexuals Use Children To Target America Click Here
Saturday 12-11-10 . CNN Founder, Father of Five Begs UN To Institute A One Child Rule Click Here
Friday 12-03-10 . "Political Love Affair" With Sarah Palin Click Here
Monday 11-29-10 . Is Thanksgiving A Celebration of The Success of Capitalism Click Here
Saturday 11-20-10 . It's Safe To Say That Acorn Employees Have Found New Work Click Here
Tuesday 11-09-10 . Taking On Glenn Beck For My Christian Brothers and Sisters Click Here

Saturday 11-04-10 . Slaughter's Constituents Not The Only Ones She's Snubbed Click Here
Monday 10-25-10 . No Comments In Favor of Congresswoman Louise Slaughter Click Here
Saturday 10-02-10 . Promotion of Homosexuality Largely To Blame For Deaths Click Here
Friday 10-01-10 . Barack & Michelle Obama Are Not Licensed To Practice Law Click Here
Friday 09-24-10 . Health Care Laws Are Kicking In - And I'm Sounding Off! Click Here
Wednesday 09-09-10 . New York State Legislature Gearing Up To Block Mosque Click Here
Tuesday 09-07-10 . Jeff Greene's Great At Making Money, But Lousy At Law Click Here

Sunday 08-29-10 Video link included Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Debra Speaks On YNN News Click Here
Friday 08-27-10 . CNN's Rick Sanchez Goes Nuts Over Quran Book Burning Click Here
Wednesday 08-25-10 . Government Website Dismisses Father of our Flight 93 Hero Click Here
Thursday 08-16-10 . Ann Coulter Finally Exposed - WND Drops Her & Keeps Her Click Here
Monday 08-16-10 . No Homosexuals At Obama's Ramadan: Why Not Click Here
Saturday 08-14-10 . Bipartisanship - What Side Should Give In On Illegals Click Here
Friday 08-06-10 . Fear of Muslims: I Will Fear No Evil, For My God Is With Me Click Here
Tuesday 08-03-10 . Are You For Less Government Or No Government Click Here
Tuesday 07-20-10 . Now You Can Vote On Some Federal Spending Cuts Click Here

Monday 07-19-10 . Do You Think It's Time For Us To Pray - What If We Prayed! Click Here
Thursday 07-09-10 . Petraeus Reviews Directive That Limits Afghan Civilian Death Click Here
Wednesday 07-08-10 . Stand Up - Defend Arizona - Defend America - Donate Click Here
Tuesday 07-06-10 . Justice Department Files Law Suit Against Arizona Click Here
Saturday 07-03-10 . Democrats -- Buying Votes With Unemployment Extensions Click Here
Tuesday 06-29-10 . Who Is Geert Wilders - He Says Islam Can Be Outlawed Click Here
Sunday 06-27-10 . Next Week When I Turn Fifty - A Poem By Yours Truly Click Here
Wednesday 06-23-10 . There Are Other Answers Besides State Bailouts - Enough - Click Here
Tuesday 06-22-10 . Obama's Oil Crisis Agenda - It Gets Blown Out of The Water Click Here
Tuesday 06-22-10 . Alert - Home Depot Supports Homosexual "Gay" Parades Click Here

Monday 06-21-10 . Liberal Progressive - An Uncivilized People Click Here
Thursday 06-17-10 Audio Included My Interview With Nathan Tabor -- "Punched By A Liberal" Click Here
Wednesday 06-16-10 . Call on Members of Congress to enroll in the public Health Care plan‏ Click Here
Tuesday 06-15-10 . 9/11 Saudi Prince Lawyer Nominated to Justice Department Click Here
Tuesday 06-15-10 . With Republicans Like The Bush Women, Who Needs Democrats Click Here
Monday 06-14-10 . Congressman (D-NC) Bob Etheridge's Abusive With Student Click Here
Monday 06-14-10 . New York's Ground Zero's Not The Only Mosque Being Built Click Here
Saturday 06-12-10 . Socialist Activist Attacks Conservative - Punched By A Liberal Click Here
Monday 05-31-10 Audio Included My Singing: Acapella Version of "American The Beautiful" Click Here

Friday 05-21-10 . CBS Early Morning Show Trashes 7 Year Old Dancers Click Here
Wednesday 05-19-10 . She Received Her Masters Yesterday - She Had Been Home Schooled Click Here
Monday 05-17-10 . 800 - 1000 CA Students of Mexican Heritage Gone Wild Click Here
Thursday 05-13-10 . D.C. Mayor Does Not Welcome Ex-Gays In Washington DC Click Here
Wednesday 05-12-10 . Battle Hymn of The Republic Click Here
Tuesday 05-11-10 . Bad News And Good News About Stem Cell Research Here Click Here
Monday 05-10-10 . What About Nashville - Why Is Nashville So Forgotten Click Here
Friday 05-07-10 . Everyday Should Be Flag Day In America -- Problem Solved Click Here
Thursday 05-06-10 . Presumed Donor Act Threatens Sanctity of Life In New York Click Here
------------ ----------- . There are two blog posts talking about the organ bill: Here and Here -------------
Friday 04-30-10 . Daughter of New York  Lawmaker Gets Dad To Submit Organ Stealing Bill Click Here

Thursday 04-29-10 . Obama's REAL Reason For Not Liking Arizona's New Law Click Here
Tuesday 04-27-10 . New York Bill Automatically Signs New Yorkers Up For Organ Donation Click Here
Monday 04-26-10 . Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Call On Citizens To Help Outs Illegals Click Here
Saturday 04-24-10 . Sarah, Should Kid-Hacker Really Be Imprisoned For 50 Years Click Here
Thursday 04-22-10 . ACORN CEO, Bertha Lewis, Fully Promotes Socialism (video) Click Here
Wednesday 04-21-10 . Muslims Blame Earthquakes On Women's Bodies Click Here
Tuesday 04-20-10 . To Shut Us All Up, Bill Clinton Plays The Oklahoma City Card Click Here
Monday 04-19-10 . My Rep (D) Louise Slaughter Blames Boehner, Glenn & Rush Click Here
Friday 04-16-10 . Wanna-Be Tea Party Crasher - Just A Fraudulent Coward Click Here

Friday 04-16-10 . Informing Christians Endorses "Day of Silence Walk Out" (Illinoisfamily.org) Click Here
Thursday 04-15-10 . Sarah Palin Supports Mitt Romney - And Now I Jump Ship Click Here
Tuesday 04-13-10 . It's A New "Don't Ask" Because Nobody Can Tell - Such A Duh Click Here
Monday 04-12-10 . My Speech - Tea Partiers Love And Embrace Hope In God Click Here
Wednesday 04-07-10 . American College of Pediatricians Speak Up To Schools Click Here
Wednesday 04-07-10 . Constitution  Doesn't Matter To Congressman Phil Hare Click Here
Tuesday 04-06-10 . Obama To Meet With 20 Black Church Leaders Click Here
Monday 04-05-10 . Does The U.S. Government Consider Obama-Care To Be A Gamble Click Here
Friday 04-02-10 . God Bless Sarah - But McCain Is Not The Best Choice Click Here

Thursday 04-01-10 . Obama's Lack of Qualification Can Harm U.S. Soldiers Click Here
Thursday 04-01-10 . Democrat Congressman Believes Guam Could Tip Over Click Here
Thursday 04-01-10 . The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Chucky? -- Threats To Tea Party Movement Click Here
Wednesday 03-31-10 . Establishing A Ready Reserve Corps In The Health Care Bill Click Here
Tuesday 03-30-10 . Nine Arrested - Bullying Leads To Crime and Suicide Click Here
Monday 03-29-10 . "Schumer Hypnotic Suggestion" Schumar V Graham Click Here
Saturday 03-27-10 . A Conservative's Progressive Plan - I Can Grow Too Click Here
Saturday 03-27-10 . Obama Dares Republicans To Repeal Health Care Bill/Law Click Here

Friday 03-26-10 . Why Aren't I, A Christian, Wanting This Health Care Plan Click Here
Friday 03-26-10 . Why Is One Threat Illegal, While Another Is Legal - Congresional Threats Both Ways Click Here
Thursday 03-25-10 . Did Obama Order Washington Post Article To Change Its Title Click Here
Thursday 03-25-10 . Honestly, I wish that Ann Coulter would sit down and shut up!‏ Click Here
Thursday 03-25-10 . Obama To Order Banks To Cut Mortgage Payments Click Here
Thursday 03-25-10 . Comment To A Very Liberal Freelance Writer Online Click Here
Wednesday 03-24-10 . Question - Is Universal Health Care An Issue of Morals Click Here
Tuesday 03-23-10 . What's Next For The Libs - More Socialism Click Here
Monday 03-22-10 . What Now - Now We Remove Them Click Here
Friday 03-19-10 . Rep Louise Slaughter Legacy - Coming Into The Light Click Here

Tuesday 03-16-10 . Washington Post Shows "Slaughter's Solution" Was Passed On To Pelosi‏ Click Here
Monday 03-15-10 . Rep. Louise Slaughter Pulls 180 Turn On New Rule Click Here
Thursday 03-11-10 Audio Included My Congresswoman Louise Slaughter's - New Rule Click Here
Thursday 03-11-10 . Mass. School Bully Bill To Imprison People For Speech Click Here
Thursday 03-11-10 . Ethics Committee Backs Totally Off of Eric Massa Click Here
Thursday 03-11-10 . Lesbian Students Cause School To Cancel School Promo Click Here
Monday 03-08-10 Audio Included NY-D Rep. Eric Massa Unleashed On Democratic Party Click Here
Thursday 03-04-10 . Expose Those Democrats - STOP Playing Nice Guy Click Here
Thursday 03-04-10 . Why Our Country Was Attacked On 9/11/01 Click Here
Thursday 03-04-10 . Reconciliation on Health Care & The Exploitation of The American People‏ Click Here
Wednesday 03-03-10 Audio Included Psalm 25 - Dealing With Hurt From An Enemy Click Here
Tuesday 03-02-10 . Woman Boasts of Aborting Baby On YouTube Click Here
Friday 02-26-10 . My Sound Off Post On The Dick Morris Site Click Here

Friday 02-26-10 . Obama Human Telephone Bots Calling Into Radio Shows Click Here
Thursday 02-25-10 . Congresswoman Louise Slaughter on Health Care Issue - Gets It All Wrong Click Here
Thursday 02-25-10 . A Conservative Booed At CPAC For Speaking Against Homosexuality Click Here
Wednesday 02-24-10 . Obama Branded American Missile Defense Agency With Islamic Crescent Click Here
Tuesday 02-23-10 . CPAC Embraces Homosexual Sponsors, GOProud Click Here
Monday 02-22-10 . Don't Fall For The "Catch-All" Jesus Movement - Glenn Beck's Mormon "Jesus" Click Here
Wednesday 02-17-10 . John Stossel Takes A Side Against Public Schooling Click Here

Tuesday 02-16-10 .

Why Proof of Presidential Qualification Should Exist

Click Here
Monday 02-15-10 . Climate Warming Is Now Climate Change Click Here
Friday 02-12-10 .

Evolution Pushed On Christian Students - We Need Christians In Med World
Audio Weekly (Fridays) Webcast -20 minutes - February 12, 2010

Click Here
Click Here
Thursday 02-11-10 . Updated Physco Book Gives New Excuses For Sin - Talk About Crazy Click Here
Wednesday 02-10-10 . Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow On Washington D.C. Click Here
Tuesday 02-09-10 . Sarah's Handwriting - What Is The Big Deal Over Self Written Notes Click Here
Monday 02-08-10 . This Is A Job For SUPER Gore - 2010 DC Storm of The Century Click Here
Friday 02-05-10 . Audio Weekly (Fridays) Webcast - 30 minutes - February 05, 2010 Click Here

Thursday 02-04-10 . Obama's Trying To Get At America's School Children In The Public Schools Click Here
Wednesday 02-03-10 . Talk About G.I. Blues - Homosexuals In The Military Click Here
Tuesday 02-02-10 . Abstinence-Only Programs Might Work, Study Says - Try Home Schooling Click Here
Friday 01-29-10 Audio Included 60 Minute Week End Review - Podcast Radio Show - State of The Union Click Here
Wednesday 01-27-10 . Pope John Paul Flagellated (Beat) Himself In Yet Another Bad RCC Act Click Here
Friday 01-22-10 . Liar Liar John Edwards Finally Admits That The Baby's His Click Here
Thursday 01-21-10 . Trashy Trashy Cindy McCain Defends Homosexual "Marriage" Click Here
Wednesday 01-20-10 Audio Included A Clip of Alan Colmes Agreeing With Me On MA Election Outcome Reason Click Here
Wednesday 01-13-10 . Bill Clinton's Comment Didn't Sound Racist To Me Click Here
Monday 01-11-10 . The Office of Social Security Doesn't Recognize Homosexual Marriage Unions Click Here

Tuesday 01-05-10 . Obama, A Man On A Mission - Talk To Your Liberal Friends Click Here
Tuesday 12-22-09 . Nebraska Exempt From Health Care Tax Click Here
Monday 12-09-09 . Local Meteorologist Took On U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu Click Here
Monday 12-09-09 . Staying Focused On The Main Issue of Federal Government Ran Health Care Click Here
Monday 12-09-09 . What To Do About Homosexuals In America Click Here
Monday 11-30-09 . Flight 93 Memorial Update - Heroes Soon Forgoten - Sadly Click Here

Saturday 11-28-09 . Local Weatherman Shines Light On Global Warming Hoax Click Here
Wednesday 11-25-09 . Climategate - Global Warming A Hoax All Along Click Here
Tuesday 11-17-09 . Muslims Live This Way And Brought It Here Click Here
Monday 11-09-09 . Letter To Louise Slaughter, My Congresswoman About Health Care Bill Passing Click Here
Sunday 11-08-09 . Read Those Medical Privacy Papers! They Are NOT So Private! Click Here
Friday 11-06-09 Audio Included Fort Hood Texas Shooting Click Here
Tuesday 11-03-09 . Al Sharpton's Ex-Wife and Daughter Arrested Click Here
Monday 11-02-09 . Mass Man Gets Fired For Not Wanting To Hear About Lesbian "Wedding" Click Here
Wednesday 10-28-09 . John Stossel Destroyed Obama's Health Care Bill, Back In August! Click Here
Friday 10-23-09 . Proof In One Video - Obama Is A Muslim Click Here
Wednesday 10-21-09 . Mass. Man Arrested On Terrorism Charges Click Here

Monday 10-19-09 . Is Obama About To Sign Away Our Freedom? Click Here
Friday 10-16-09 . "Conspirators," The New Race Card Click Here
Thursday 10-15-09 . Kenyan News Source Claimed Obama To Be Kenyan Born Click Here
Tuesday 10-13-09 . What Is Health Care Insurance? It Is Just That, "Insurance." Click Here
Monday 10-12-09 . Sean Hannity's Site Promotes Muslims, AARP and Tolerance Click Here
Monday 10-12-09 . Gordon Watts & I "Boogie" On The Topics Click Here
Friday 10-09-09 . Obama "Wins" Nobel Prize - How Stupid Is This! Click Here
Thursday 10-08-09 . Keeping An Eye On The Left - "Keep Your Legs Closed! Problem Solved!" Click Here
Wednesday 10-07-09 . Michael & Anna Treated Poorly By Judges On Dancing With The Stars Click Here
Tuesday 10-06-09 . H1N1 Flu Virus Over-Blown & Over-Reacted To By Some Click Here

Wednesday 10-01-09 . People Calling For Obama Poll Taker To Be Arrested Click Here
September September . Health Care Reform INFO & Louise Slaughter Info On Health Care Reform Click Here
September September . Truth About The U.S. Constitution Not Giving Power To Take Over Health Care Click Here
September September . Did My Debate With Louise Slaughter Reveal Truth About Health Bill Click Here
Tuesday 09-29-09 . In Deffence of Sarah -- Her Book Click Here
Monday 09-28-09 . Why Does Sean Hannity Have A Muslim Dating Ad On His Site's Blog Forum Click Here
Wednesday 09-23-09 . Holy War - America Is In The Middle of A Holy War Click Here
Sunday 09-20-09 . Embracing Racism - When A Conservative Is Called A Racist Click Here
Wednesday 09-16-09 . School Bus Bully Beats Up Child Click Here
Tuesday 09-15-09 . Tiller Buddy Appointed Over Health Care Click Here

Thursday 09-03-09 . H.R. 3200 Health Care Presentation - Unconstitutional and Exposed Click Here
Friday 08-25-09 . What's In The H.R. 3200 Health Care Bill Click Here
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Thursday 05-14-09
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Audio Included
Audio Included
Psalm 37 1-13 Do Good
Let The Heathen Rage - Jeneane Garofalo and Keith Olbermann
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