Just when you think that people cannot get more ridiculous,
along comes the ACLU to prove otherwise.

ACLU vs. Christmas
Will THIS Shut The ACLU Down? 

Honestly, I thought I had heard it all when the news hit that a group of atheists were picketing the Governor's office in Georgia over a prayer being said for rain to come to end the drought in the area. How much more foolish could people get?

Well, apparently there is no end to the foolishness of those who are fools.  And of course, the ACLU is not about to let another atheist group out-do them in foolishness. I guess, once a group holds the title to something, they don't give it up easily.
This past weekend the ACLU filed suit against Christmas. Yes, well, against the Federal government, over Christmas. They don't like that Christmas is a national holiday. I guess this is what happens when people have too much time on their hands, and too much hate in their hearts.           

The ACLU said that Christianity is the main reason for all of the trouble in this world. The ACLU also said that celebrating Christmas is like celebrating the holocaust.

Oh, but wait, there is more. Charles Rust-Tierney, who at one time headed up the ACLU in Virginia, is who actually began the work on this "case" before he was busted for being in possession of child porn. He is serving time in prison now. And one of the plaintiffs in this "case" is up on charges of trying to burn down a church.           

Here is the plaintiffs’ official statement: "Christianity is the source of most if not all of the suffering in the world. The federal government recognizing this holiday is akin to celebrating holidays lauding the Holocaust. Prefabricated man-made religions have no place in a civil society." 

Yes, people like that actually exist. I know it is hard to believe, but it is true. They live among us. Scary. Isn't it? If only it were illegal to be so stupid!           

But my question is this; are current donators to the ACLU, who celebrate Christmas going to continue to donate to such a foolish group of people?         

If the ACLU was to get its way, all federal employees will have to work on Christmas. Let's not forget that the Federal government does let other faiths have their days off. Our government is simply acknowledging that the majority of people who work for the government, celebrate Christmas; and to open up government offices on December 25th, would be futile because very few people would show up for work that day.         

But not to worry, ACLU, I recently read something online about a day that people are recognizing as having been set-aside for atheists. I hear they are going to try to get it declared as a Federal "day" of some sort. Yes, it comes around every year on the same day, April 1st. I hear the main dish to be served will be crow. (You shouldn't have to learn about it through the media or others, but never should such be blocked.)


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November 2007


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