Congressional Candidate Maggie Brooks Is Not What I Thought
Would Maggie Brooks not represent true Protestants who are in "Protest" of Catholicism?
And is she actually pro-homosexuality, while running as a conservative? 

Maggie Brooks (left)   Louise Slaughter (right)

Maggie Brooks (R), the current County Executive of Monroe County, New York is running against the 28th district incumbent, my current congresswoman, Louise Slaughter (D) for the new 25th New York congressional district.

While conservatives all across America know Louise Slaughter as a tough hitting liberal democrat, many local conservatives in Monroe County, New York know Maggie Brooks as a mild-mannered conservative republican that was once a darling on a local news station. When I heard that Maggie Brooks was running against Louise Slaughter, I was delighted.

As soon as possible I spoke with Maggie's campaign manager, Noah Lebowitz. I needed to know that she is a true conservative before I could begin to support her on my website and on her facebook page. This would include being a moral conservative on issues. I was assured that Maggie is the real deal, and I went to work to do my part. I signed up on her site to volunteer, wrote a great article for her, and I began posting favorable comments on her facebook page.

On August 24th a picture of Maggie Brooks was posted at an AIDS fund raising event. Maggie was in the homosexual rainbow colors, along with several of the other people in the picture. This concerned me, as it is known that such attire signifies support for homosexuality. We can support a cure for AIDS without supporting homosexuality. 

I posted a comment letting my concern be known. It was removed. Having been in this work for years, I knew to take a screen shot picture of my comment, as conservative comments often go missing on controversial moral topics: Click Here 

Trying to get a-hold of Noah Lebowitz to ask him about what appears to be support for homosexuality by Maggie Brooks, I ended up speaking with the deputy campaign manager, Bill Napier, who told me that he would get a message to Noah. Two weeks later, having still not heard from Noah, I called back and got Bill Napier again. Bill was quite angry with me. He refused to talk about the reason for my call and instead told me off for my anti-Catholicism Protestantism work online. He told me that he and Maggie are Catholics and that he was offended by my being anti-Catholic, proceeded to tell me off, and ended up hanging up on me.

Please note that I never brought up my Protestant work on anything having to do with Maggie Brooks, on the phone or on her facebook page. It was Maggie's deputy campaign manager, Bill Napier that brought it up and went after me over it.

We can respect each other, without respecting each-others faith-belief. We are free to speak against any religion. It is our first amendment right. Yelling at someone for having a different faith-belief is about as un-American as a person can get.

I am an independent voter and supporter. I don't vote for or support a party. I vote and support as per the issues and according to my conscience. In Maggie's case, I was simply working to do my part for who I believed at the time to be a good candidate, and as it turns out I am greatly disappointed and wishing that I had never supported her. I have removed my supporting article that I wrote for her. And I have removed all of the supporting comments that I had posted on her facebook page that I could find.

From Maggie's fence walking on the homosexual issue, to her deputy campaign manager's odd reaction to my faith, I have been left wondering what other surprises might people learn about Maggie if she gets voted in. There is nothing to be gained from having a republican in that office, if the republican is really a liberal at heart. And if that republican would discriminate against those who speak against Catholicism, she would be leaving many constituents within the district with no representation

Debra J.M. Smith 09-12-12


 Debra J.M. Smith