Kids Without God - An American Humanist Website
They Target Children 


"Kids Without God" is out to teach children that they can be good and have morals and values without having God. It has a section for teens that is nothing more than a page to teach them how to mock God and to encourage them by showing them famous people who do such.

There is a section for younger kids with videos to view science experiments and meet Darwin the dog (yes, the dog). 

Parents have a page that will show them all about what the website would like to do to their children. The site does not exactly hide it. Actually, the site appears to be quite proud of teaching children tolerance, while teaching that a belief in God is mythical, and that only people out of touch with reality believe in God.

The "Press" page says the American Humanists Association (AHA) "offers a welcoming home for humanist, atheist and other non-traditionally religious kids where they can find information untainted by supernaturalism on a wide range of topics, including religion in public schools, science, discrimination, sexuality, and reading suggestions." --Notice that "non-traditionally religious kids" are cool with them. And make note that they teach about sexuality. We can be certain of who is really behind this movement.

I would like to ask the AHA this question: If God is not real, then by whose standards do we go by for morals and values? Seriously, who gets to say what is right and wrong, and what gives them that power to do so?
Debra J.M. Smith 11-15-12


 Debra J.M. Smith