Speaking On The Homosexual Topic
Let Your Light So Shine

I wholly agree that we as Christians need to think before we speak. None of us are sinless or blameless. And all of us struggle with certain sins. For one person, it could be lying. For another, it could be lust. At the end of the day, it is all sin and only God can change our hearts.

But I think we need to be careful that we are not so overly distraught about how our words may come across that we fail to speak at all.

There are definitely examples in the Bible of God-fearing men who let their own idea of holy vs. unholy cloud their judgment or make them act out of fear and anger. Take Peter for example. He sliced off the high priest’s servant’s ear with a sword out of anger for Christ. Jesus told him to “put away” his sword.

Sometimes we Christians are like that. We see the “sin” flag wagging around and we pounce on it without thinking first.

But other times, we are recognizing sin for what it is and there should be no fear or shame in doing so.

For the homosexuality issue–it is indeed a hot-button issue. But that should not deter us from speaking the truth. You might have close friends who are in this life-style and/or are trying to come out of it. For those individuals struggling, I have no condemnation toward them. I am a sinner too.

But I think many Christians are more so angered not by these individuals struggling, but rather by the liberal gay groups and activists who attempt to force the gay lifestyle on society to be accepted as normal and without sin. If you follow news of the gay pride parades that take place and other pro-homosexual activities, you are aware of the plethora of homosexual groups trying desperately to influence teenagers and children. All of it is perverse. I don’t believe God condones this behavior at all.

There will be times we will have to stand up and speak the truth. And we can’t be afraid. It was Jesus who overturned the tables in the temple. And it was Paul who freely told the church to put out the sinner because “a little leaven leavens the whole.” (1 Cor. 5)

We are the salt and light of this world. What good has salt if it loses its savour (Matt. 5)? What good has light if it is hidden under a bushel?
Jessica 11-02-12


© Debra J.M. Smith