Artist Depicts Zimmerman As A Murderer
She has George shooting Trayvon in the back of his head.    

The artist that sits in front of her painting in the picture to the right is Huong. She is a Miami artist that has depicted Trayvon getting shot from behind by George Zimmerman, while Martin Luther King Jr. bleeds. She says the person in the hoodie could be any of us, claiming we are all Trayvon Martins. --I begged to differ with her and wrote her and let her know it. Below is what I said to her. An article I read said she has claimed she will respond to all email. Let's see if she responds to mine and what she might say. I will update this page if she does respond.

re: your Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman painting


Has it crossed your mind that you might be wrong, that it really could have been Trayvon that attacked George that night? Even if you truly believe George racially profiled Trayvon as a possible burglar, do you really believe that such deemed a broken nose and a beating of his head into a cement sidewalk?


You have racially profiled George, assuming that because he is not black, he was being a racist against Trayvon that night. Why is it okay for you to racially profile George? George was asked a question by the 911 operator, if the person was black, Hispanic, or white. George answered the person. It was MSN that edited the phone call recording and made it sound as if George just offered that information up.

But again, even if you really believe that he racially profiled Trayvon, you are racially profiling George. Anyone of any race would have answered the 911 question and said what race/color Trayvon was, and many people of all colors would have just offered the information up. So clearly you are only saying George did it for racial reasons, because George is not black. That means you have racially profiled George.


There is no good reason for Trayvon to have beaten George. Someone appearing to follow you is not reason to beat the person. It is reason to get out of there, but not reason to beat the person. What if the person is just concerned about you wondering around the homes and you just beat the person? Had Trayvon not been killed by George that night, Trayvon would have killed George. Then Trayvon would have been tried as an adult and lived the rest of his life in prison. It is not a crime to think someone is up to no good. It is not a crime to keep an eye on someone till the cops get there (and the cops did not tell George to stop following the person, the 911 operator said it was not needed.) And it is not even a crime to racially profile. Trayvon was not within his legal rights to beat George. George was, however, within his legal rights to shoot a person beating him.


There has been information that has come out about Trayvon Martin that shows he did in-fact have stolen jewelry in his possession, at school. The school did not report him, but rather suspended him and turned the jewelry over to the police as just "found" merchandise. --The jewelry had been taken in a home invasion. Trayvon also had info and pictures on his facebook account, his twitter account, and his cell phone that showed him to want to across to people as a pot-smoking gangster. So it is not a far reach to assume that he presented himself as such out in public. It stands far more to reason that George was seeing exactly the type of person that Trayvon put off to be on his social media accounts. It also stands to reason that Trayvon profiled George, calling George a "cracker." And just another tidbit about Trayvon: He did not live with either parent. Neither wanted him to live with them. Both were fed up with him. He lived with a woman who had been with his dad for a time. Trayvon was not this sweet little kid. And NO, we are not "all" Trayvon Martins. And Trayvon Martin is NOT the face of black America. Trayvon Martin was a thug. The last thing you should want is for black America to appear as Trayvon Martin was. It is the Trayvon Martins of the black race that cause people to be scared of blacks. Do you really want that?

Bottom line, what if you are wrong? Have you thought about that? And have you thought about the fact that your painting depicts George shooting Trayvon from behind, when it was proven in court that it was close range in the front? Have you thought about the possibility that it is you who is a racist and liar, as well as a hypocrite? And have you thought about the possibility that George Zimmerman could consider suing you for defamation? --He is currently suing MSN for their lie, for altering the 911 call. Well, you have altered what happened that night in your depiction of it, by showing him shooting Trayvon from behind.

Just saying, you might want to think about what you've done.  

Debra J.M. Smith 08-14-13



 Debra J.M. Smith