Casey Anthony - My Thoughts On The Not Guilty Verdict  

I believed Casey Anthony to be guilty of murdering her child until learning more of the details. Now I believe it to be more probable that she did not do it.

Listening to the woman who claimed to be George Anthony's mistress, I found her to appear to be telling the truth. She said that he confided in her, that the child's death was an accident that snowballed out of control. The defense claimed that Casey was abused by her father and that her father found her child dead in the pool, from a drowning and scared Casey to the point of covering up the death of the child.

The defense claimed that Casey's father had a type of control over her, which is common with sexual abuse. They explained Casey's behavior after the child's death, was the same type of behavior that abused children learn in order to survive the emotional trauma of being abused; they learn how to go about their lives in a manner as if nothing has happened out of the ordinary.

So why did she say nice things to her father while she was in prison over that phone. It is also very common for a victim of child abuse to still love that parent and not want that parent to be hurt. It is not as odd, as you might think. The abuser is still the father. And as the old song goes, "Will A Little More Love Make It Right?" --Abused children tend to believe that they can some how love that parent into being a good and loving parent.

George Anthony attempted suicide after his granddaughter's remains were found. Why? Why did he do that? Was he scared that something would be learned from those remains, something that would incriminate him?

Why was the son left out of the family when the child was born? Why was Casey raised to be such a liar? Why did the Casey's mom call the cops on a smelly trunk that turned out be from garbage, instead of confronting her daughter first? Why would Casey's mom have not known all along that there was no nanny, as Casey lived home with her? And why would Casey's mom have ever let it go longer than a day, much less a month?

I have a new thought on what happened to the child. I believe that George Anthony sexually abused his granddaughter and that she got hurt, and or that she was going to tell on him and that he killed her by drowning her. Then he used his intimidation abilities on his daughter, Casey, claiming it was an accident and got her to help him cover it up and lie to the cops when they found the remains. I believe that wife figured it out and not wanting to face the truth of her husband, tried to blame the daughter with the smelly trunk. I believe that George Anthony feared there being proof of sexual abuse, when the remains of the body were found and tried to kill himself.

And I believe that the District Attorney would be wise to explore at least the possibility that George Anthony killed his granddaughter.

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 Debra J.M. Smith