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Response To Emails - On The AP Article Email

Although, it is true that Obama is not a "Natural Born Citizen," I didn't write the AP article email. That email actually went out before I began the website,


"Natural Born Citizen" means that a person and the person's parents, were born in America and never gave up citizenship. Obama's father was never an American citizen. So, even if Obama was born in Hawaii, he does not qualify as a "Natural Born Citizen."


The only certificate that has been shown is a "Certificate of Live Birth," which is not a "Birth Certificate." It has only been shown online.


In Obama's book, he writes about having gone to school in Indonesia as a young boy. In Berg v. Obama, a case that did not make it to court, (leftest) Attorney Philip J. Berg sought to prove that Obama's parents would have given up any American citizenship that Obama may have had, in order to attend school in Indonesia. Philip Berg claims that Indonesia, a country that did not allow dual citizenship at the time, required children to be citizens of Indonesia in order to attend school there. Hence, if Obama had really been born in Hawaii, his parents would have given up his American citizenship when he was a child.


Obama may not even be an American.



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