FCKH8 uses children in a hate campaign against moral Americans -

              Canadian Homosexuals Use Children To Target America


The video, click here, opens up with a topless homosexual that is holding a sign warning that the "F-Bomb" will be used in the video. Clearly they are aware of the wrong. I realize that we all do things while upset. But do we teach children to "go with that feeling" and script them to publicly cuss people out! --No we don't.

Not only does the normal person regret most things said in anger, the normal person does not use children in a calculated campaign around that anger.
 Then again, the normal person does not publicly seek acceptance of such behavior for one's self, while attacking that of some and falsely accusing others of such.

These homosexuals are saying it is wrong to teach children to hate homosexuals, while teaching children to hate anyone who is against homosexuality.

So who are these people that made this video, going after Americans who don't want homosexual marriage in our country, gays in our military or homosexuals to to adopt children in our country? They are two men from Canada, trying to change America. They run FCKH8.com, registered to Luke Montgomery, in Quebec.

They have an older site called CauseCommandos.com, where they claim that if you would just donate money to them, that they will go over to the Dominican Republic, buy supplies and bring those supplies over to Haiti. --Donations are nondeductible and they promise to deliver. The PayPal account is "currently unable to receive money," Click Here. Perhaps they will accept personal checks through the mail, considering PayPal appears to be onto their scam. And they now sell FCKH8 clothing at FCKH8.com. That PayPal account does work. I guess they just needed a product.
Debra J.M. Smith -  12-27-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith