Obama Care And Death Panels 
The Truth About Them

The question is still being asked, if Obama Care has death panels. So I thought I would finally weigh in on this topic. 


Of course Obama Care includes death panels. All of what used to be called "Health Insurance Companies," also had death panels.


The fact is, decisions on what would and wouldn't be covered had to be decided. And a group of people working for an insurance company would make those decisions.


Now that the government has taken over insurance companies and turned them into government ran health care companies, the panel of people who make all of the care decisions works for the government. And instead of competition in a health insurance industry being incentive for companies to do right by people, elections will be.


Yep! That's right. Our health care is now an election season bargaining chip.


Some do call this "fear mongering." I prefer to call it "facing reality."          

Debra J.M. Smith 12-10-12


 Debra J.M. Smith