What To Do About Homosexuality In America
Debra J.M. Smith - Informing Christians
December 07, 2009

Last week the New York Senate voted down a bill that would have legalized homosexual marriage, had it passed.


Advocates of homosexual marriage, say that they will continue to fight for it. Which means people against it, will have to keep on their toes to keep it voted down.


In my frustration with homosexuals pushing their behavior on the whole of society; years ago, I said that perverts should all be put on an island away from society. As nice as that may be, it simply is not going to happen in our lifetime.


They hurt society, no doubt. They corrupt everywhere they go. The answers are right in the bible. I am not talking about the Old Testament punishment that was under the law. We are not under the law today. We are under grace. Sin is still sin, but Jesus Christ paid the punishment for sin on the cross. People who die, rejecting Jesus Christ and that payment, they will suffer the second death of damnation in hell. But that is God's judgement.


Some of the answers that are in the bible that pertain to the treatment of homosexuality would be as follows:

Have nothing to do with the unclean. Flee sexual immorality. Come out and be separate. Put out the wicked one from among you. Turn the wicked one over to Satan, for the destruction of his flesh. And finally, "Do unto others as you would want done to you."

Other than common curtsey, when they cross our path, we should have nothing to do with homosexuals. Shun them and stay away from them. Don't be puffed up, thinking that you have arrived and can be all-inclusive. Come out and be separate from them, and put them out from among your group of people. Turn the person over to Satan, so that the person will see where his wickedness gets him. You are not doing the homosexual any favor, being friends with him, only for him to end up in hell some day.


Do to the homosexual that which you would want done to you. Think about if you were a lost soul, hell bound. Think about what you would want done for you. I would not want people to sit by while I stay on a path to hell. I would want them to tell me the truth and part with me, if needed. --This is other than to minister the truth to me. 


Homosexuality In Schools


Personally, I don't believe that we are going to get homosexual teachings out of schools, today. I don't believe that we are going to push the homosexual after school groups out of the schools, either.

It is far past the time for Christians to pull their children out of public schools. I don't understand how Christians can have their children in those schools, for many reasons. It makes no sense to me, to hand your children over to heathens to teach and raise. If you would not allow a certain type of person to baby-sit your children, you should not allow that type to teach and raise them.


If you are a true born again believing Christian, there is nothing that your Father in heaven, will not give you that is asked according to His will. We know that everything in the bible is His word. So, we know that when we read a commandment that such would be His will. God commands parents to "Train up a child the way he shall go..." Hence, God will give you all you need to do so. It is so annoying to me, when a person claims that he/she cannot afford to pull his/her child out of public schools and home school and or Christian school a child. The person is claiming that God cannot help. And that is a lie.

Homosexuality In Government

You know, there is one thing to say on this topic. There are more of us, than them. We need to get educated and get out and vote the perverts out of office. It is that easy. God says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." So let's educate each other.

Homosexuality In The Work Place

As a fellow employee, other than being polite, have nothing to do with them. It's really not that hard.

If you are a boss in a state that has already made it illegal to discriminate against homosexuals, in hiring and firing, then don't use that as your reason. It is not as if they are perfect in all other ways. Simply use another reason, where they fall short for the job. And do yourself a huge favor and keep your mouth quiet about your inner most thoughts of any person that works for you.

We also should try to get such bad laws, changed. Our government has no right to tell us who we can and cannot have working for us. One of the worst things that ever happened in this country was affirmative action.

Homosexuality In Laws

Again, we need to get educated and educate each other and vote the bad people out of office that would vote for laws that give homosexuality special rights.

Homosexuals have all the rights that heterosexuals have. But they want special rights. They want the law to force us to be excepting of them and their lies. We need to vote out any government people who go along with this in their voting. We need to expose them all.


The Correct Response To Homosexual Marriage

The correct response to homosexual marriage is that it is a lie. Homosexual marriage is a lie. And we do not want to be a country, with a government that holds to a lie. Marriage is between a man and woman, because they can consummate a marriage. Both male and female body parts are needed, to consummate a marriage. It is that simple.

We are a government of the people, by the people, for the people. When homosexuals get our government to go along with a lie, they involve all of us in that lie. And lies grow. We see this up in Massachusetts, in their public schools.


Ever since Mitt Romney in Massachusetts wrongly legalized homosexual marriage, they have had tremendous problems in their public schools. Some of the people running the schools believe that they can now teach children that homosexual marriage is normal, claiming that it is now legal there. Lies give birth to more lies, in order to support an original lie. One lie begots another lie, which begots another.

We should NEVER get into saying things like, "Their children need a mother and a father." Children that are biologically children of homosexuals, are their children, not ours. Do unto others as you would want done to you. You would not want someone using the government to make laws, to dictate the raising of your children. If you open up the door to such a thing, the next law to come down could be one that takes your children away from you. We do NOT want our government telling us how to raise our children.

Remember that what may start out one way, can be turned to use against us.


Homosexuals And Adoption


Adoption is a whole other story. Children of others' should be given to people who are somewhat likeminded with the real parents.

Bottom Line

Homosexually it a lie. And we have to stick to that fact, when it comes to lawmakers. And for ourselves, we also have to keep in mind that it is sexual perversion that we are to have nothing to do with and that, other than ministering to the lost, we are to stay away from those who do.


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 Debra J.M. Smith