There comes a time to smell the coffee -

                            "Political Love Affair" With Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin's new book is out and so are the quotes from it. It seems Sarah is still showing support for Mitt Romney and even went as far as to write such in her newest book.

Washington Post Excerpt: Palin praises Romney for delivering a "thoughtful speech that eloquently and correctly described the role of faith in American public life." --end of excerpt

This is the number one reason my "political love affair" with Sarah Palin ended, Sarah's public support of Mitt Romney. And now this newest statement further confirms that I was right to jump off of the Sarah Ship.

Sarah is a born again Christian in Christ. She should know better than to be standing by Mitt Romney for more reasons than one. Mitt Romney is the RINO of all RINOs.

Mitt Romney is the father of homosexual marriage in Massachusetts. He also put their state ran health care into place. And he was for abortion (big time) until he suddenly had to be "conservative" when he ran for president.

Sarah Palin should also know that as a Mormon, Mitt Romney is NOT talking about the REAL God, hence the REAL Jesus or the REAL gospel! -- Sarah Palin should know better than to support this man in anyway!

Mitt Romney is a sneaky conniving man that could be more harmful to our nation than Obama.

Mitt Romney purchased Clear Channel, which is one of the reasons why you will not hear many right-wing pundits speak out against him now. (They all want to kiss up or at least not alienate the man who holds the power behind the biggest mic in right wing "conservatism.")

Another reason you will not hear many speak out and will even hear many defend Mitt Romney, is that many true Christians are simply not knowledgeable when it comes to just what Mormonism is and simply want someone, anyone, who calls himself a "Republican" to get into office.

God says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge."

And for the record: If "Natural Born Citizen" really does mean that both parents had to have been born in this country, then Romney does not qualify to be the president. His father was born in Mexico because his ancestors fled the U.S.A. when polygamy was outlawed here and did not come back till after Romney's father was born. --Talk about a "Father's Dream" and a reason to seek to change America into a more liberal nation!

A Republican liberal can hurt this nation, just as much as a Democrat liberal can. Romney vs Obama: There's no difference. 
Debra J.M. Smith -  12-03-10

Note: I may not be happy with the political direction that Sarah Palin is taking, but I still believe she has a lot of good qualities and points, and I still consider her a sister in Christ. I also am so against the personal attacks on her.

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 Debra J.M. Smith