Is Thanksgiving A Celebration of The Success of Capitalism 


Here's something to ponder after this Thanksgiving holiday is over with. Is Thanksgiving a celebration of the success of capitalism? This question was asked over the holiday weekend on a blog that I post on. And I thought that it was such a great question and something to really be thought on. 

Thanksgiving is a celebration of the fruit of one's labor that was possible because of God supplying our needs. It is a celebration of our ability to work and earn our way with that which God has supplied us with.

If God had not supplied us with our needs, there would be nothing to harvest; nor would we have the ability to do that which we do to harvest. We must praise Him for the bountifulness of the land and for how He made us, for we are "fearfully and wonderfully made."

So yes, I would say that Thanksgiving is in a roundabout way a celebration of the success of capitalism.

Clearly if everyone was taking and no one was working, there would be no harvest. However, that which is also clear is that if some people were working and that which they harvested was redistributed and given to everyone, even to those who did not work there would be far less for those who worked and far less to celebrate for.

This is interesting because it made me think about the farmers in Russia who were stolen from, of all of their harvest and left to starve. Their harvest was distributed to the other people in Russia. When the leader was asked why he let the farmers die. He said something to the meaning of that he had a problem of either too little food or too many people. He decided that it was too many people. Russia also killed a lot of the farmers.

America better get educated. We are seeing the start of this here, like with health care. People who work to afford good care in their life will die because they are not allowed to have any more than those who don't work and because the government will decide where THEIR money can be spent.

Bottom line, any type of redistribution enslaves those who are being stolen from. It is forced servitude that says, "If you want to earn money, you have to pay money to the care of others." The same goes for forcing us to pay for others to have that which we want to buy, in order for us to make purchases. --Redistribution of the wealth is illegal and unconstitutional, and we had better fight this.

Special thanks to Jr. for the great question that really made me think: Click Here

Debra J.M. Smith 11-29-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith