Local Weatherman Shines Light On Global Warming Beliefs
Found at Rochester Conservative
November 28, 2009

Kevin Williams

If you have been keeping up with things over the holiday weekend, you may have already read a posting of RV's that I posted three days ago on my site, "Post Climategate, How Long Will They Allow the Ruse to Continue?" --If you missed it, click here.

As it turns out, RV had posted on the topic, the day before, an article by Robert Tracinski, of the Jewish World Review. That posting received a special visitor just last night, Rochester's own meteorologist, Kevin Williams.

Check out what Medeoroogist Kevin Williams had to say about the beliefs of most meteorologists, on the topic of Global Warming:

"Glad to see so many bloggers picking this story up…it is huge and getting bigger all the time. We covered it at WHEC/News 10NBC…but not much heard or seen so far on NBC, ABC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, etc., which hardly surprises but certainly disappoints. FYI: The American Meteorological Society published a survey this month, which shows that 75% of broadcast meteorologists in the U.S. do NOT go along with the doom and gloom of manmade global warming prophecies. Yet there are some who still claim some kind of consensus exists for their warming world hype. It’s just not true and the tide is turning against them. Spread the word!"

 --Read the posting at RV's Rochester Conservative & Comment: Click Here

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