Post Climategate, How Long Will “They” Allow the Ruse to Continue?
By Rochester Veteran (RV) at Rochester Conservative
November 25, 2009


Excerpt: Now that the lid’s been blown off on the Anthropogenic Climate Change Hoax, with the release of the Climategate documents and emails, how much longer will “They”, meaning national leaders throughout the world, including our own, US President Barack Obama, allow the ruse continue?

Just yesterday, Obama had this to say about the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Conference:

“With just two weeks until the beginning of Copenhagen, it’s also essential that all countries do what is necessary to reach a strong operational agreement that will confront the threat of climate change while serving as a stepping-stone to a legally binding treaty.”

Oh Barry, haven’t your advisers informed you that the Anthropogenic Climate Change theory is a fabrication and probably the greatest fraud in human history? --Read More & Comment: Click Here

djms commentary: Leave it to the liberals to come up with a save-the-planet scheme that has them controlling the weather. It sounds like some sort of science fiction madman-freak movie of the week plot. At first it was funny, you know, that they gave poor ol' Al Gore something to do with his time, all things considered. But, when Cap and Trade came into the light and the real truth of it all came out, it was no longer so funny. This was a well thought out plan, and some liberals, for yet another reason, need to be removed. 

Rochester Concervative is ran by RV. RV is a local journalist that I have been blessed to be in touch with, since last summer. ...Debra

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