Islamic Terrorism - Middle East In America

November 17, 2009


This is how Islamics behave in the Middle Eastern countries. They do not think twice about killing for their faith belief. This is a way of life over there. And they have brought it to America. 


Flying planes into buildings, committing "honor" killings on their wives and daughters, shooting up those that they worked side-by-side with; they simply have no problem killing for their "Allah." They live as savages. Most recently one drove his car into pedestrians here in Rochester, New York: Click Here

And now, it turns out that the Fort Hood Terrorist had a spot with our Home Land Security. Click Here and scroll down to the "numbered" page 29 (it is page 32 in the page search). On the left hand side of the page, you will see Nidel Hasan's name, with Uniformed Services University School of Medicine. I have a problem with this. If you do, then contact the office of homeland security and let them know about it. Contact your reps, as well.

Homeland Security Policy Institute
Phone: 202-994-2437

Special thanks to Evy for the info on the Homeland Security and Sara for sending the video to me. --I hope you watch it.

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 Debra J.M. Smith