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            Taking On Glenn Beck For My Christian Brothers and Sisters 

I have been putting off this topic for some time, as I realize that many of my readers truly love Glenn Beck. But perhaps that's exactly the reason that it is now time for me to take on this topic.

From politely bowing out of a neighbor's offer to watch Glenn Beck with her, to quietly calling Wall Builders about my thoughts on David Barton pairing up with him, I have been pretty low key on the topic of Glenn Beck.

How very frustrating it was when I watched a clip of Wall Builders David Barton, sitting beside the Mormon Glenn Beck while he spoke of getting back to his Mormon god. No, Glenn Beck did not actually say "Mormon god." He simply, as a Mormon, spoke of getting back to "god." It goes without saying, what god he was speaking of. When a Muslim speaks of a god, the Muslim is speaking of Allah. When a Mormon speaks of a god, the Mormon is speaking of Adam, the god who attained a godship on another planet and came here with his spiritual wife, Eve, to begin a new world. That's who the Mormon god is.

When Glenn Beck speaks of getting back to "god," he is speaking of his Mormon god. Now some people may not have a problem with this. Some people may say that God is to each person, who God is. And that dear brothers and sisters in Christ, is the problem. God is not a catchall god. Our God is a jealous God, who will share His glory with no other. The bible speaks of all of the world religions coming together in the end, a one-world religion. And the anti-Christ will head that one world religion up. This will take place in the very end times.

Glenn Beck speaks of food prices going through the roof and communists who are going to take over the world. He has no hope that the God of the bible speaks of, for those who worship God in truth. This is because he does not worship the true God; much less worship the true God in truth. To listen to Glenn Beck, one would think that we are all facing doom and gloom and that there is no hope. Suddenly true born again Christians, who should know what the bible says about hope, are all falling apart at the seams.

God sees a sparrow fall and will surely take care of our needs. We are to give no care to what we will eat or what we will wear. God will always take care of His own. If you are truly one of God's own, then God will always show you a way out of your troubles. You will never beg for food. Your needs will always be met. And God does not want you to be anxious for anything, but rather to let your requests be known to Him, with praise and thanksgiving. God does not want us crossing the line from not being lazy sluggards, to storing up things in warehouses. It is the devil who wants you to worry over your daily needs and forgo storing your treasures up in heaven. It is one thing being informed, it is quite another being put into a state of bondage from fear and a lack of hope.  

Does this mean that you should sit back and be naive to that which is going on in America and in the world? May the Lord forbid that! God says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." Yes, we are to get educated, but no, we are not to live in a state of worry or anger or fear. Fear is not of the Lord. Knowledge should cause you to seek the Lord and ask for Godly wisdom, not to man and man's wisdom. Yes, God will always show us a way out of our troubles; but if we are busy looking to man, instead of God, then it is our own fault if we don't see what God is showing us.  

I watched Glenn Beck last night, and what I saw was a man who is marketing himself and making a whole lot of money doing so. He went from telling the viewers why they so much need to tune into his show all week long, to letting them all know that he was right about investing in gold. Goldline International Inc. happens to be one of his sponsors. And he boasts of being the number one show of its kind "in its time-slot." Just how many shows are there like his, in his time-slot? 

Glenn Beck warns the viewers of the communists and of the America haters that look just like you and me and of George Soros, all of whom are real and truly do mean us harm. However, a Christian who is thinking with the mind of Christ realizes no weapon formed against us shall prosper. So, though we need to be educated, we also need to know that our God is more than able to handle the communists, the America haters, and George Soros. But to listen to Glenn Beck, our only answer is to stock up on food, buy gold from his sponsor and watch the Glenn Beck show all week long.

You see, unlike the true God, Glenn Beck's god is not able. Glenn Beck knows that Christians are called to turn to God to heal our land. But because Glenn Beck does not know the true God, he stops there and leaves his viewers in a state of panic and fear. Glenn Beck does not know the first thing about truly turning to God to heal our land.

If you are a true born again believer in Christ, worshiping God in truth, not through anything or anyone, but Jesus Christ the true and living God (Father, Son, Holy Ghost -One God) then you have not been made a vessel of fear, but of a sound mind; and should not be listening to someone who desires to have you be in a constant state of fear. You should not be following someone who does not follow the real Jesus Christ. Paul said, "Follow me, as I follow Christ."

The Mormon "Jesus" is the brother of Satan, a separate god that has wives and children. Mormon gods have to have wives and children. And all of their men can become gods. Donny Osmond once said of being a god, that "it is something to look forward to." That is the spirit of the anti-Christ. True believers in the true Jesus Christ, should not be following someone who follows the spirit of the anti-Christ.

Sarah was not patient and did not wait on the Lord. As a result Sarah suggested that Abraham lie down with her maid-servant. And the child that came from that union is the father of Islam. And here we are today, we are supposed to be waiting on the Lord, as scripture calls us to. But many of God's people are impatient and not waiting on Him and instead, are taking matters into their own hands and doing that which God says not to do.

God says, "Do not be unevenly yoked with none believers." God also says, "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly."

Debra J.M. Smith -  11-09-10

PS: Glenn Beck did not mention a word about what the owner of FOX, Rupert Murdock, wants to do to America and her sovereignty. I suppose that could get Glenn Beck fired, therefore we can all live with illegals. It sure is funny how that works out. Who needs all that land in Arizona, anyway? And Governor Rick Perry can pay to protect his own Texas Boarders. It's not as if the U.S. Constitution states that congress is to protect the states from foreign invasion. Oh that's right. It does. But hey, Glenn is glad that so many people are reading the constitution now

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