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The Poor Use of The Rules Committee Chair -

Slaughter's Constituents Not The Only Ones She's Snubbed 


Democrat Congresswoman Louise Slaughter's constituents have not been the only people she has deemed unworthy to listen to. Apparently she hasn't wanted to hear from any first-term congress-person either.

According to a government paper, submitted by the four Republicans on the Democrat majority Rules Committee, Slaughter used her position as Chair of The Rules Committee to silence every new voice in the 111th congress. This made it much easier for the Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi, to get those three major bills passed in the house.

The government document (click here) says, "The 111th Congress is the first in 221 years that has not allowed one bill to be considered under an open amendment process." --Slaughter did not allow first-term congressmen/women to take part in any bills, for the past two years.

Slaughter even used another process that allowed Slaughter and her Democrat dominated Rules Committee to rewrite laws behind closed doors and give congress only hours to read them, before blindly voting on the bills. Slaughter basically turned our law-making process into a one-woman show, Louise Slaughter's show. No wonder she thought she'd get away with deeming the Health Care bill passed, with her "Slaughter Solution." This woman thinks she's God!

Louise Slaughter's congressional website shows millions of federal tax dollars going to local projects in Louise Slaughter's district that just happen to benefit those who once again voted her back into office, just a fraction of her district's population. Nothing like buying her congressional seat with tax dollars that she secured in her less than ethical way of getting laws passed.

Thank goodness she will no longer have such power in January, as she will no longer be the Chair of The Rules Committee. Slaughter and Pelosi were both fired last night from their high-and-mighty jobs in congress, when the Republicans took the House. Part of me hopes that they both step down. While another part of me, will thoroughly enjoy watching these two haughty snobs submit to conservative authority in congress. 

No matter what, this is one more reason that we must encourage more honest, hard working people, to get out and vote.

Debra J.M. Smith -  11-04-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith