Sharpton's Ex-Wife and Daughter Arrested For Obstruction
November 03, 2009


Story Found At Police Link Monster: New York Daily News via YellowBrix

YORK, NY – The Rev. Al Sharpton lashed out Sunday at the “unfair” treatment of his daughter and ex-wife by cops who arrested the duo for arguing over a traffic ticket in Harlem.

“I cannot imagine how two unarmed women with no record, could be taken in cuffs from a traffic dispute with NO personal or property damage involved,” Sharpton wrote in a string of angry postings on Twitter. “Well this is what we deal with everyday. We will never accept unfairness.”

Sharpton’s oldest daughter, Dominique Sharpton, 23, and ex-wife, Kathy Jordan, 53, were arrested Friday when they got into a heated verbal tussle with cops during a traffic stop, police said.

Dominique Sharpton sped past a police car on Eighth Ave. at 110th St. and blasted through a red light before cops nabbed her, sources said.

She called her mom, who rushed to the scene to find Dominique in the back of a police car, Sharpton’s attorney said.

Cops charged both with disorderly conduct and obstruction of governmental administration, issued them desk appearance tickets and let them go.

Sharpton wrote there were “no drugs or drinking at all” – making their treatment all the more worse. Sharpton lawyer Michael Hardy called the arrest “excessive” and said the police car Dominique drove around was unmarked.

“It seems they were arrested simply because they asked why the ticket was being given,” said Hardy.

Police declined comment yesterday.          

djms commentary: Many of you will recall, Pastor Dave, who really did just want to know why he had been pulled over. He went through a huge ordeal. It all had to do with him addressing two teens in a Burger King parking lot, wanting to tell them about Jesus and to invite them to an upcoming music event. The two teens turned out to be stinkers and called 911. It was a mess. I covered the story and helped him (all glory to the Lord). And in doing so, I found that there were serious contradictions within the police officers' individual reports. As a result, I know that such a thing can happen, when a police officer does wrong. And let's face it, if a person truly respects police in this nation, then he/she will be appalled by a bad one

Okay, so on to Al's daughter and ex-wife. If the daughter was driving recklessly, to the point of running a red light, then that is serious all on its own. One does not need to be drinking or doing drugs, to be wrong for running a red light.

As for if the daughter and ex-wife, having argued to the point of needing arrested... hmm... Well... let's hope that someone got it all on video.

If you would like to read about Pastor Dave, go here: http://www.debrajmsmith.com/pastordave.html


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