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Catholics who truly do simply believe on Jesus Christ, Lord God The Risen Savior are just as born again as I am. --But those who also believe that they are saved through, by or via the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), which is what Catholicism teaches, are not born again, hence are not saved. Jesus died for our sins, not a church. --And make note that it is wrong to believe that ANY church saves a person.

The perfect person that God had die for our sins, was Him in the flesh. Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. God is triune, meaning he is a plural God, three in one God. He is The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.
The Son actually wanted to come here and die for our sins. God willingly came here. He knew He'd do this before the foundation of the earth. He knew man would sin; so He had a plan right from the beginning to come here and pay the price of our sins for us. All we have to do is receive the free gift of salvation by believing on Him for salvation. --It is very easy. 
Sin entered this world through one man, Adam. And sin was paid for by one man, Jesus Christ. To all who believe on Jesus in truth (on Jesus alone, the Son of God, God in the flesh) is eternal salvation. This message does not include believing in or through the RCC. 
There can only be one God, and He alone is perfect. And yet, in order for us to be with Him, we must be perfect. The only way that we could be perfect is to have God in us via His Son and Holy Spirit. Look at it like this: If you are in a dark room and you turn on a bright light it lights up that entire room. The room is not lighting itself up. The light is lightening it up. So no matter how dark that room had been before you turned on the light, the room is now no longer dark. --When Jesus Christ, via His Holy Spirit, enters into the believer, He is that light in the dark. And that Light creates the new life in a believer; the believer is "spiritually" now born. --Hence, born again. 
So why did God do it this way? My thoughts on that are that He wanted people who are really alive, not robots. I believe that He really wanted to have a relationship with people. And one can only have a true relationship with someone if that someone has the opportunity to deny the relationship, but does not or at least does not continue to deny the relationship.  
Don't deny God. Or don't continue to deny God. The gift of salvation in Jesus Christ Lord God almighty is yours for the taking. This is how we are made perfect in Christ. That He is the light in us. And no darkness can live in the light of Christ. This is how we can be with God, the perfect One.
Debra J.M. Smith -  10-28-11


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 Debra J.M. Smith