Is Louise Slaughter Hearing Us Now -

                No One Comments In Favor of Congresswoman Louise Slaughter


Two main upstate New York newspapers came out endorsing Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (pictured to the right), while none of their current reader comments agree with them.

The Buffalo News and The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle posted raving articles for the Congresswoman, Louise Slaughter. However they seem to be out of touch with their readers.


At the time of my commenting on each online article, there were no reader comments in agreement with either of the major news sources. I suppose that it's possible someone may come along later.

The Buffalo News has no other comment before mine (but has a handful after mine). And the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle has three pages full of people who are very upset with Slaughter, solidly against the endorsement. Both news sources mentioned Dr. Jill Rowland's run against Slaughter and spoke very well of Jill.

Buffalo News Article: Click Here --My comment: Click Here 
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Article: Click Here --Three Pages of Comments: Click Here 

Debra J.M. Smith -  10-25-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith