Massachusetts Man Arrested On Terrorism Charges
Plot targeted U.S. shopping malls, politicians and military stationed in Iraq

October 21, 2009



WashingtonTimes Excerpt: BOSTON (AP) -- A 27-year-old Massachusetts man has been charged with conspiring with others to support and plan terror attacks in and outside the United States, including plots to attack U.S. shopping malls and U.S. military in Iraq.

djms Commentary: Well, now, let's be sure to give him a lawyer, his day in court, and when he is sentenced, let's be sure to send him to a luxury prison, with all the comforts of home. --And NO water-boarding information out of him that could save the lives of countless Americans! That's just not playing "WAR" fairly! So, be nice, boys. Play nice!


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 Debra J.M. Smith