"Conspirators," The New Race Card
Debra J.M. Smith October 16, 2009



The U.S. Constitution has qualifications that are to be met in order to be the president of the United States. But there are people who would like for us to just ignore the constitution. They use a method of manipulation that is no different from playing the race card. They play this new "card" wherever it suits them to.

If someone really believes that the enemy would not try to put one of its own in office, or at least, one that they can control and, oh, I don't know, have actually BOW to one of their kings, then think again!

The liberals, aka Democrats (on a whole), would like everyone to consider the constitution, null and void. But, guess what --It is a legal binding contract. And it is about darn time that the conservatives, aka Republicans (on a whole), use that contract in court to take this country back for the true patriotic citizens!

Is there a conspiracy to bring down this great nation? Of course there is! And anyone who believes otherwise, is a fool!

Any war there has ever been was played out with conspiracies. What was 9/11, if not a conspiracy?

Grow up, you liberal citizens! You are playing right into the hands of the enemy. And YES we have an enemy. Actually we have several enemies. Many hate America around the world! Obama's own minister of 20-years wanted God to "damn" America!

Get a clue! Wake up! Grow up! Get your heads out of your trunks! If we conservatives go down with our country, so do you liberals!

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 Debra J.M. Smith