Huffington Post Does NOT Want Christian Conservative Comments


It's on the Huffington Post's website area, "Gay Voices," and my Christian Conservative voice is not allowed there. I am thinking that I am not alone in my rejection.

The article (Click Here), written by Elton John, highlighted information on seven countries that still put homosexuals to death. The British knighted homosexual activist boasted of all that that homosexuals have done in just his lifetime to further homosexuality and said that homosexuality is "...as harmless a quirk as left-hande­dness." I begged to differ.

And my comment on the thread reflected such, saying, "There is nothing harmless about homosexual­ity. It is very harmful to the people who do it and to society on a whole."

Having in my mind the fact that homosexuals are some of the biggest advocates for abortion in America, often rubbing it in that it is "legal" here to get an abortion, I added the following to my comment: And I have to wonder where all those abortion advocates who love to say "it is 'legal' to kill an innocent unborn baby in America" are on this topic. I mean, I wonder if they would say the same about homosexual­s being killed in countries where it is "legal." --It seemed a logical thing to wonder about.

Though it was not a surprise that a homosexual advocate would go after me, it was a surprise that the person was a moderator. She went after me as a person, a mother and as a Christian. Her comment was clearly against the posting rules that are against attacking an individual person. You can view what she said to me, by clicking on the screen shot picture above, taken of the exchange before it was deleted. That's right; after I contacted the site about the bad moderator, my comment was removed. 

I then removed my account and did my homework, quickly finding that it was the Huffington Post that was acquired by AOL this past spring. This tidbit had just slipped my memory. AOL is a long time huge homosexual advocate that has for years discriminated against Christian Conservatives. For what it's worth, here is some AOL and Huffington Post contact information: Click Here.
Debra J.M. Smith -  10-14-11

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 Debra J.M. Smith