Why "Public Option" Is A Big Deal In Health Care Reform
Rochester NY WHAM 13 Jane Flasch

Health care insurance, is just that, "Insurance."
Debra J.M. Smith October 13, 2009



WHAM13.com Excerpt: Rochester, N.Y./Washington, D.C. - A key vote on health care reform comes Tuesday when the Senate Finance Committee advances its option.

It is raising new questions about whether a final bill will have a public option.

The public option is known as government-run insurance which will compete with private plans in order to get them to lower costs.

The plan to be voted on, on Tuesday, in the Senate, does not include a public option.

However, there is talk of a new compromise that would trigger a public insurance plan later--at the time the law is signed.

It is a way for Democrats to get a public option in the senate where its believed they don't have enough votes.

The question now is whether the house of representatives will agree to a watered-down version just to get reform passed.

Eric Massa (D NY) said, If you don't have a not-for-profit Medicare-like option to compete against the overwhelming power of the for-profit insurance industry, then you don't have health care reform."

DJMS Commentary: Health care insurance, is just that, "Insurance." Would you think that you could go without home owner's insurance; and if your kitchen burns down, that you could then get insurance that would pay for your kitchen to be rebuilt? Not if you were intelligent, you would not. The very word, "Insurance," says that you are paying for something that will "insure" you will have money for that which you may need some day. This is, "should" the need "arise."

"Health Care Reform" is nothing more than a nation-wide pot that everyone would be expected to put into. Educated people would call it, "Socialized Medicine." This is because, that is what it would be. When the whole of society is expected to put into that which anyone can take from, in accordance with rules that are established by a government, then what you have is, socialism. Eventually, socialism would give way to communism. This is when people realize that working hard, does not get them any further than those who do not work hard. Then the government steps in again, this time to get the country working and to fill the jobs that need done; and it tells people, when and where they will work, what type of job they will do, etc.

The extreme liberals in our government are claiming that this is needed, to give competition to the for-profit insurance companies. Our government does not have the right to use tax-payer money to cause competition for American businesses that pay taxes.

None of this should even be an issue, because the U.S. Constitution does not give Congress the power to take care of the welfare of the individual states or the citizens in the individual states.

Congress is given the power to collect taxes to pay for the "common defense and general welfare of the United States." It is important to realize that the constitution speaks of three different domestic entities, the United States, the individual states, and the citizens of those states. --We see this in the tenth amendment, which states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."

So, just what is considered the common defense and general welfare of the United States? That answer lies in the rest of the powers given to Congress, which are laid out in the constitution. None of them have anything to do with taking care of the private citizens needs.

Another way to look at this is by way of the English language. The conjunction "and" equates "common defense" and "general welfare" in their relationship to "the United States." In other words, that which is true for one, is true for the other.

Have you ever had trouble with someone locally, breaking the law? If you were to call the FBI, you would be told that your issue is not a federal issue, but rather a state issue. This is because the common defense that Congress is allowed to collect taxes for, and there for pay out money for, is not to be used for individual state issues.

Now, some may say, health care needs are across the entire country. Yes, they are. So is the need for protection against thieves and murderers. --No state is immune. But, the FBI will not get involved unless a criminal from one state commits a federal crime and or crosses into another state and commits a crime there. The same thing goes for the general welfare of the United States. It is general and only that which pertains to the federal care and or that which crosses state lines. An example would be if a state was putting toxins in their water that was running down to a neighboring states water supply. The neighboring state could turn to the federal government for help.

The constitution says that each state shall guarantee its citizens a "Republican" form of government. A Republican form of government cannot be upheld in a socialistic country, nor can freedom.

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 Debra J.M. Smith