Michael & Anna
Dancing With The Stars

Debra J.M. Smith
Oct. 07, 2009


The above is his first dance. He is very good at this. 

It made me so unhappy to see what those judges on Dancing With The Stars did to Michael and Anna, that I just have to write about it.

Michael and Anna are very entertaining. Michael has a lot of rhythm and charisma. And Anna is beautiful and as a dancer, she is a natural. Together, they are very sweet and dance very well with each other. They really could win this.

It just shocked me how hard the judges were on them, Monday night. It was as if the judges wanted them to get kicked off. I normally do not vote. But Monday night, I made the maximum votes of 13 votes on my home phone and 13 on my business phone. You can imagine my shock, when the call system did not allow me to make the calls from my cell phone.

Well, anyway. I just want to say that I really like them and that I hope that they go far in this competition. I truly enjoy them. And I hope that the judges back off of them. It was not called for.

Ps... Donnie was stiff as a board and yet the hosts were really good to him. Kiss Kiss.... Jeepers!

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 Debra J.M. Smith