Redistribution of The Wealth - Sugar Coated Thievery - Trickle Down Taxation
                                   Senator Reid's 5% Tax Plan For The Rich To Pay For Obama's Job Package

Senator Reid's plan is to add a 5% tax onto the rich to pay for Obama’s jobs package. This is yet another attempt to redistribute the wealth and a lame one, at that. It is not up to the government to create jobs. It is up the government to create an environment that is good for creating jobs.

The rich business-man did not get rich by paying his own money for anything, much less taxes. The rich business-man passes on any cost of his to those who purchase his product and or to his employees, whichever (or both) is needed to meet his desired profit for any given year.

So it is going to be the consumers who pay more for a product and employees who go with less, less in pay, less in benefits, less in bonuses. There will be less jobs created in the private sector, while more jobs are created by the government and paid for with our tax-dollars.

Congratulations to the liberals. They are once again pushing for a plan that will hurt our economy, hence hurt our nation, by indirectly passing the cost onto those of us who actually pay our own bills. It is trickle down taxation.

Just as eating fat free foods, does not make gluttony pay off, you still get fatter; there is no way to get around thievery either. --There is no way to sugar-coat stealing and make it some how okay.
Debra J.M. Smith - © 10-05-11

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