Government Paid Chaplains To Perform Homosexual "Marriages"

There should not be any government paid chaplains in the military. --It is all such a farce. When the government pays a chaplain, then the government governs what he can do. Chaplains in the military adhere to an unconstitutional government liberal pagan worldly religion that now allows un-biblical unions between people of the same sex to be performed. Nonetheless, the government cannot create a devout spirit in the military to begin with.

"If the spirit of armies be devout, the spirit out of the armies will never be Less so; and a failure of religious instruction and, exhortation from a voluntary source within or without, will rarely happen: if such be not the spirit of armies, the official services of their Teachers are not likely to produce it." ~ James Madison

We need a devout spirit in the armies. As a result, it will rarely happen that there is a lack of religious instruction and that such would be from a voluntary source (within or without). But, if a devout spirit is not the case of armies, then official services of such an army's teachers are not likely to produce a devout spirit.

Chaplains should enter the armed services as anyone else does. And they should be paid like anyone else is paid and for what others are paid for. They should not be paid for being a chaplain. However, churches should be allowed to send in chaplains of their own, a type of missionary work, paid for by the individual churches.
Debra J.M. Smith -  10-01-11

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 Debra J.M. Smith