People Calling For
Poll Taker On Obama "Killing Question"
To Be Arrested

Debra J.M. Smith
Oct. 01, 2009



Examiner Excerpt: The Facebook poll asking whether President Obama should be killed has now been taken down but the furor over the poll is still present.  Facebook quickly took down the poll and barred the application allowing the poll until better content supervision could be installed.  In addition the creator of the application which allowed for the poll tweeted about a future conversation with the Secret Service.  The Secret Service now evidently knows who created the poll and is investigating the incident fully. Click Here

DJMS Commentary: Well, he had a "No" choice.

Obviously, if he was out to kill the president, he would have asked, "What's the best way to yada yada."

I think it is silly to arrest the person. Let's remember that Obama has no problem discussing if unborn babies should be killed and coming up with a "Yes" answer. Heck, he has no problem coming up with that answer for newborn babies that live through botched abortions.

Funny how all of those liberals who tell us conservatives to just "love the person," turn into raging wolves the minute it is one of their own that is the receiver of a pot-shot. --That's just an expression of speech, by the way. Goodness knows that I don't want the CIA showing up at my door. Gosh, what would I wear for something like that?

Loosen up, libbies. I am sure if a person REALLY wanted to plot to kill the present, he would not take a poll first. Jeepers!.


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 Debra J.M. Smith