In Defense of Sarah
Sept. 29, 2009
Debra J.M. Smith



Well, it looks like Sarah Palin's new book is just about to be released. And with that is already coming a new storm of "Sarah Slamming." --Make note, you heard that phraise here first.

Today, while on a new-to-me website, nymag.com forum, I found myself back in the Sarah-defense mode. And we all know what happened next.

Yes, you guessed it. Yours Truly, became the topic. That's okay. It is not that I mind it. Actually, we all know that I get a big head off of stuff like this. As you see from the screen shot pic of my post on the site, it received the "Editor's Pick" check. You know this red-headed hoppy-toes gal, loved that!  I'd like to thank all of my fans up in the balcony. I suppose it just comes naturally.

Yes, some things do just come naturally, like defending the person who is in the right and on the right, in this case. Once I managed to get the topic, somewhat, off of me and back onto the article's dislike for Sarah, I began to make some true headway. In a follow-up post, on the same thread, I was able to post on the topic of Sarah running in 2012, the following:

If Sarah runs, it will be a fabulous campaign. She will show how it is done.

Sarah went from being a concerned mom that ran for and won a spot on the school board, to being the governor of Alaska.

A governor actually has more power of his/her state, than the president has over any given state.

Sarah did great things as the governor of Alaska, including, balancing the state budget, cutting taxes, and she set the ground work for new economic growth in the state.

What I find truly interesting is that liberals can complain up and down about Sarah Palin, but they can never give true good cause for their complaining. They can never give anything of any substance, to back up their complaining.

What exactly do liberals not like about Sarah Palin? Is it her faith-belief and all that comes with it? If it is, then they should at least be honest and come right out and say that they simply do not like her strong Christian faith-belief and all that comes with it.


That was met with a number of responses. One being the following, from a poster who goes by the user name, JBA123:

Debra, Good question. I, for one, don't enjoy the idea of Alaskan women having to pay for their own rape kit. Anyone else?


This gave me a great oprotunity to show how things go wrong and people do not get all the info on a topic. My response, was as follows:


In response to your comment on Alaskan women having to pay for their own rape kit. Sarah was the mayor of Wasilla, when Alaska's legislature passed a law that made it illegal for police departments to charge for rape kits. The situation was not just limited to Wasilla, it was in other towns, as well. The controversy over the police having charged for the kits in Wasilla, came up during Sarah Palin's vice presidential campaign. The following is an excerpt from a
CNN article

Excerpt begins:

Henry, the forensic nurse, said charging victims "retraumatizes them."

"Asking them to pay for something law enforcement needs in order to investigate their case, it's almost like blaming them for getting sexually assaulted," she said.

The Alaska Legislature agreed. The bill passed unanimously with the support of the Alaska Department of Public Safety, the Alaska Peace Officers Association and more than two dozen co-sponsors.

After it became law, Wasilla's police chief told the local paper, The Frontiersman, that it would cost the city $5,000 to $14,000 a year -- money that he'd have to find.

"In the past, we've charged the cost of the exams to the victim's insurance company when possible," Fannon was quoted as saying. "I just don't want to see any more burden on the taxpayer."

He suggested the criminals should pay as restitution if and when they're convicted.

End of excerpt

Some towns, simply cannot afford to pay for a "no limited number" of rape kits used in its town, at $1,000 a kit. It makes sense to bill the woman's health insurance and or to seek the money in damages.

There's much more to the conversation. Hop over and check it out: click here --And get ready, all you Sarah lovers, our work has just begun!


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 Debra J.M. Smith