There's More To Women Than Reproductive Organs 
We are more than baby makers.

The beating down of women is very much alive in congress today, but not by the republicans, as the democrats would have you think. I say that the modern day oppression of women in this country is by congressional democrats.

Democrats in Washington made it very clear during the health care debate. While fighting for women to have control over our own reproductive organs (as if we did not already), they had no problem with handing over mega control of our entire health care to the federal government.

They do not really care about the health care rights of the average American woman. If they did, they would care about more than just her rights to control her own reproductive organs.

We are more than baby makers. And I would thank the liberals in D.C. to stop behaving as if the only parts of women's bodies that matter are our reproductive organs

Debra J.M. Smith 09-27-12


 Debra J.M. Smith