Health Care "Benefits" - Just a new way to say "Entitlements" -

                  Health Care Laws Are Kicking In - And I'm Sounding Off!

The "health care" bill/law is designed to either run the health insurance companies out of business or cause more Americans to cry to the government, when their premiums go sky-high. The cost to cover all of the federal government's demands is far more money than the insurance companies currently take in.

But fact is, we no longer actually have "INSURANCE," for our health. The government has turned all insurance companies into "Health Care Companies." --The government has stolen the insurance industry.

Think of it like this:

You own land. The government decides that what you do with your land needs to help the whole of society. So the government tells you what you are going to do with your land, how much of that which comes from your land has to go to others and how much you can keep. --Do you REALLY own that land anymore? No, you don't.

Insurance is something that is to "insure" a person, in case something happens in the future. Try getting fire insurance to rebuild a kitchen, AFTER a fire has destroyed it.

Many health insurance companies already do take care of pre-existing conditions if you have had NO lapse in insurance (even with another company). This practice basically buys your business, by continuing to cover something that you already have covered under another insurer. And if you have had a lapse in insurance, such companies, simply have a waiting period for a pre-existing condition. My company has a year; but during that year, it will cover anything else that is on the plan.

There is no doubt that insurance companies do wrong. I know that first hand. And the state governments are supposed to set laws into place to GOVERN and protect consumers from companies taking our money and not delivering on their end of the deal. The state governments are supposed to protect consumers from any fraudulent activity, like doctor kick-backs, lying about costs, etc. --But that's where it ends. The government is not supposed to take the businesses over, while allowing the companies to "work for the government" in THEIR OWN businesses.

This is forced servitude. Not forced, in that the company owners could not just fold and walk away. It is forced in that, if the company owners want to continue to keep their livelihood, it is forced to work for (serve) the government. And that is forced servitude.

This is so unconstitutional on so many levels! The insurance companies should be suing the heck out of the federal government! We all should be suing the heck of the federal government. Let's remember, because real insurance companies in actuality no longer exist, we no longer can have real insurance. We are all forced to be part of a health care plan, a pot. That's it.

Debra J.M. Smith -  09-24-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith