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Sean Hannity Show Just Using The Right For Money
Debra J.M. Smith

Muslim dating ad on the Sean Hannity blog
Blog's moderator calls me a "bigot and intolerant of other religions."

The moderator gets angry at a caller for having recorded a hostile call-screener who wanted to stage a fight-call. 
Then the moderator bans the caller from the forum, calling him a "Freak."

When questioned, in the only post that I ever posted there, the moderator,
Lee Kington, chooses to remove me instead.

An ad for AARP is on the Sean Hannity blog. 
AARP is a group that supports the Obama-Care

The show also gives a platform to
Playboy Christie Hefner to look conservative:

A group of men, Sean included, in a video that since this article first posted, has gone missing,
talked about being real conservatives,
while including a woman that made her money with porn.



An email in September to Sean Hannity, went unresponded to: Why would your website have a Muslim website advertisement on it? ... As a right wing Christian activist, I am constantly seeing hypocrisy in this work. Please tell me this is an error. ...Debra J.M. Smith

The following is a nasty post on the site's forum about a Christian man, Gordon Watts and written by the site's moderator, Lee Kington. Notice, what Gordon's crime was, that he recorded a hostile call screener and wrote about it on his site.


Written to Gordon Watts, by Lee Kington (Hannity Site Moderator)

Here is the deal.....

Your website contains statements written by you that are Contempt of Host. You link to that material which is a violation. A major ban.

You are a freak who records call-ins to the show and generates youtube videos trying to disparage Sean, staff at the show, etc.

You get confrontational with the staff at the show (call screener) and they don't want any more to do with you.

Now I don't want anymore to do with you. Referring to the first item..... you are out of here, gone, banned.

In an October email to Lee Kington, the board moderator I said the following

Hi Lee,

I would like to talk to you about two things.

1) The Muslim dating ad that is on the Sean Hannity Blog/Forum. Please see:


2) There are rules on the Sean Hannity blog/forum that speak against doing, that which you did on this page to Gordon Watts:

Please see the following page that has audio on it, if you care to understand, that which Gordon wanted to talk about: http://www.debrajmsmith.com/101209HL1.html

It was actually quite interesting talking with Gordon on the topics that he wanted to talk about, and he was quite easy to talk with.

I am requesting that Sean Hannity will remove the Muslim ad and that you will apologize to Gordon and remove that mean page. Please remove my name from your site, if these requests cannot be met.

Debra J.M. Smith

I am trying hard not to laugh here, because I knew this was going to happen.

It is sad, but at the same time, funny. This man clearly has no power off-line and LOVES this power online! I had never posted on the site, till this. I emailed him the above, sent it in a private message and posted it on the same page that he insulted Gordon on. And instead of even thinking on doing the right thing, within a few minutes I received a message note on the site, clicked it open and. well... Scroll down. ...Debra

Lee Kington is pictured to the left.

Now, I have to ask you if you notice something in that screen shot picture above?

AARP - A health insurance company for seniors that supports the liberals' health care bill.

Oh, but this moderator did not stop here. Check out what he posted on the blog to me,
regarding my request to remove the Muslim dating ad from the supposed "right wing" site.

Lee Kington, the moderator says that there is no reason to remove that Muslim Ad, because (he says)
that I am a
"bigot and intolerant of other religions." --Sounds like a leftist to me.

Lee Kington
has now edited my post on the site, twice.

Below are two screen shots. One is after the first edit, where he just removed a link.
But, below that is a screen shot,he remove my signature --But he still leaves my user name.

At the bottom of the above screen shot picture and the below one, you can see it says it was edited by Lee Kington.
Also note, up to the top right of each screen shot. - This was my only post: Posts 1

The man is clearly a coward. Remember, he has not once responded to me, personally. Cowards are like that.
Here is a direct link to the page that is still up, at the time of this posting: Click Here

So, just who is putting those ads on The Sean Hannity Show’s website’s forum? The place is called, Clear Channel Communications. See these two links for information: Here and Here.

Excerpt from Wikipedia: "News talk stations owned by Clear Channel usually have a standard slate of hosts. The morning show is usually local, with other timeslots filled by local and syndicated hosts. Programs that appear on many Clear Channel talk stations include Glenn Beck Program-- getting his talk show start at Clear Channel owned WFLA (AM) in Tampa, The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Sean Hannity Show,
Dr. Laura."

I can understand, not having control over what appears on another person's site. But, a person should have control over what advertises on his/her own site. If not, then are we to believe that Rush Limbaugh's show's site has such ads? Something tells me that he would be the first to speak out against it. If not, then I don't want to know right now.

If one does not have control over that which is on his own site, then he should pull out and be his own entity, otherwise he is prostituting himself.

No matter what, we have the moderator for the forum, siding with the posting of the Muslim dating ad, saying that I am a "bigot and intolerant of other religions," for not going along with it. Clearly he is okay with it all.

Bottom line, if Sean Hannity were who he puts off to be, he would be mortified by these ads, as well as his moderator behaving like a leftist, and he would not give a platform for Playboy's Christie Hefner, either. And if he really does not know about all of this, then this should do the trick, and he should thank me. This is if he really does not know about it and if he is a real conservative. But tell me, did he not know who Christie Hefner is? --I say, "If he did not know," in a rhetorical way. Because, I believe he fully well knows.

It would be very cool if Sean Hannity saw this and realized that things need to change. Sometimes people are slow-boiled into going along with things. I suppose it has to be very tempting to go along with a lot of stuff, when a person gets so famous. But, to whom much is given, much is expected. So come on, Sean Hannity, if you cannot clean up your own act, you need to rethink that which you do and why you do it. 


Your words mean nothing, when your site promotes and defends that which you speak against, Sean Hannity.

And for the record, ya, I am intolerant of religions that slap my God in the face and call for my beheading!

Deal with that, you coward, Lee Kington! 

Enough Said!

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